Dome Keeper: How to Get All Achievements

Beware! Full of spoilers.


The list in alphabetical order

A keeper of status
Unlock the prestige mode.

Bite sized
Complete relic hunt on a small map.

Bringing home the big bucks
Gain 200 prestige in one wave.

Close Call
Survive a battle with 1% health left.

Compounding interest
Reach a prestige multiplier of 10.

Deep and Greedy
Reach depth 100.

Feed 10 treats to Drillbert in one run.

Earth shattering
Use 15 blast charges in one run.

Find a Friend
Hatch the mysterious egg.

Gifts from the past
Retrieve a relic.

Half Marathon
Travel half the length of a Marathon in one run.

Hoard 8 cobalt.

I came prepared
After retrieving the relic, beat the final wave without the help of the relic bomb.

Land of the behemoth
Unlock the behemoth world.

Land of the orbs
Unlock the orb world.

Land of the Spores
Unlock the mushroom world.

Land of the stalks
Unlock the stalk world.

Learning Opportunity
Lose 10 runs.

My good mule
Have the lift transport 200 resources in one run.

My name shall be known
Win a prestige run with 1000 points or more.

My Savior
Find a cobalt while having none stored and the dome being under 10% health.

Orchard completed
Unlock every battle ability of the orchard.

Precisely when I meant to
Enter the dome the second the battle starts.

Quick Finish
Retrieve the relic within 20 minutes.

Ready for Battle
Have 150 or more shield hp ready.

Repellent completed
Unlock every battle ability of the repellent.

Rich in Fiber
Consume a fruit that buffs you for at least 0.6 cycles.

Shield Completed
Unlock every battle ability of the shield.

Shopping Bag Conundrum
Carry 20 resources back to the dome in one go.

Stick them with the pointy end
Unlock the sword dome.

Take your time
Delay a wave by more than 0.5 cycles.

The deep end
Complete relic hunt on a large map.

The Need for Speed
Reach a speed of 200 with the engineer.

The regular
Complete relic hunt on a medium sized map.

The third eye
Detect 15 resources with the probe in one cycle.

Mine every block.

Perform 10 conversions in one run.

Veteran Keeper
Win 10 runs.

Produce 10 water with the condenser in one run.

We’re gonna need a bigger lift
Have 80 resources hanging in the lift.

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