Don’t Starve Together: Spider Guide 2021

This is a Guide of me and my buddy Killer! please mind that we dont look at the wiki and try to look ourself how all Spiders work


Welcome to The Spider Guide

Hello this is me Stone and Killer we made This Guide for fun and to show all people how all Spiders work please keep in mind that we dont use wiki and this is not done yet!

Spider Types

This is the Common Spider that you see near Spider Dens

Spider Warrior that spawns the Spider Tier 2 and 3 dens they are more powerfull than the Common Spider and can jump at players

The Spider Queen comes a after a Tier 3 Spider dens The Spider Queen is like a walking Spider den it can spawn Spiders the spider Queen can become a tier 1 spider den again where it was that means Spiders can move place with they nest

The Nurse Spider spawns only when a Spider Queen is there it can heal other spiders in a area effect in a radius and it can heal the Webber they only use they healing effect in combat and it can jump at players

Cave Spiders can only be seen in caves and they have a shell that can absorb damage and only spawns in Spilagmite (we didnt get a pic of it)

Spitters are the small like The Cave Spiders but without shell they can shoot web ball things very rapidly (we didnt get a pic of it)

Spider Dens

Spider Dens come in Tier 1 to Tier 3 all of them is a home for Spiders if a spider den is attacked
Spiders and Spider Warriors who are inside of the den will come out attacked the player and spiders only wander when its getting dark

Spider Den Tier 1 is a nomal spider home it can have 3 spiders in it

Spider Den Tier 2 Can spawn Spider Warriors and nomal Spiders it can have 7 and spiders in it nothing else

Spider Den Tier 3 Can Spawn Spider Warriors and nomal Spiders and can Become a Spider Queen it can have 12 spiders in it webber can sleep in a Tier 3 Den

Spider dens have Sticky Webbing that surrounds the Den if a player that is not the webber goes on the Sticky Webbing some spiders will come out

Spilagmite are only seen in caves they spawn Cave Spiders and Spitters they can have 3 spiders in it (we didnt get a pic of it)

Spiders drops

Spiders can drop some things

All Spiders can drop Monster Meat that is used for food and spiders can eat it too

All Spiders can drop Silk that can be used for hats and other stuff for your body and used for some tools

All Spiders can drop Spider Gland it can heal players and can be used for making healing stuff

The Spider Queen can drop her head you can put the head on and with it you can control 10 spiders

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