DUSK: All Cheat Codes

Hello. In this guide, I will list all available cheat codes in the game. But how do you trigger the cheats? Simply type the code on your keyboard and the cheat will trigger, just like in Doom. Let’s get started!


All Cheat Codes

Cheats here! Do not overuse if you want to have fun with the game (•ˋ _ ˊ•)

nbreflect – Mirror mode (cannot be toggled off!)
nbponcho – Toggles the Lava Suit powerup for 300 seconds.
nbkfa – Gives the player full health as well as all keys, weapons, and ammo.
nbkeys – Gives the player all keys.
nbdeity – Toggles god mode, however the player can still lose health bonuses from damage.
nbff – Doubles fire speed similar to the Fast Fire Totem. Stacks similarly to the Fast Fire Totem and will be lost upon picking up a Fast Fire Totem.
nbregularfingers – Sets fire speed up back to normal.
nbhot – Toggles the Serum of Blistering Heat powerup.
nbspoder – Toggles the Climbing Thing powerup for 300 seconds.
nbshooters – Gives the player all weapons.
nbdeathless – Gives the player full health and morale.
nbfrog – Increases jump height by .1 each time it’s typed.
nbman – Resets jumping height to normal.
nbwoohoo – Toggles slow motion mode.
nbgotta – Doubles movement speed. This also affects falling and using Blows.
nbufo – Allows the player to fly via the spacebar.
nbullets – Toggles infinite ammo.

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