DUSK: Workshop Uploader Guide

Guide for using the DUSK SDK Workshop Uploader and Mod Tools


Finding the Uploader

The DUSK Workshop Uploader can be found in steamapps/common/Dusk/SDK/dwu
You can find the file structure for the game + all loose assets in \Dusk\SDK\mnt\local\dusk (DUSK levels to be provided at a later date, however BSPs can still be uploaded) These files can be edited and used however you’d like in the creation of mods for DUSK.

Example Mod

For this example we will upload a simple arena made in trenchbroom, textured with Quake assets. To start we need a folder for our mod, we’ll create one named TestMap. Inside the TestMap folder we need to mimic the game’s file structure so that it can read our map.

Create a folder named maps and place your BSP inside (TestMap/maps/epicarena.bsp)

Go back to TestMap and create a description.xml and include a 1MB or smaller preview image of your map.

Your descripton.xml should have the following

   <title>Test Map</title> // The name of your map
   <author>Test</author> // Author’s name
   <content>Levels</content> // Content Tag
   <summary>Required content for TestMap.</summary> // Content Descriptor
   <preview>preview.png</preview> // Preview Image

If your map requires a palette you can place it in the root of your mod folder alongside description.xml and the preview image. For this example we’re using the Quake 1 palette.

Next we’ll upload the mod.

Uploading a Mod

With all of this in place we’re ready to upload. Run dusk_workshop_uploader.bat found in \DUSK\SDK\ or launch the uploader directly at \Dusk\SDK\dwu\DWU.exe and fill in the required information below.

Mod Directory:
Include the full path to the folder you wish to upload to the Workshop. Eg: C:\TestMap

Preview Image Filename:
Should be the filename for your mod’s preview image. The image must be located inside your mod folder, and has a size limit of 1MB.

The name of your mod on the Steam Workshop.

A written description of what your mod is/contains.

Workshop tags for what your mod contains. Must select at least one.

Sets the visibility level of your Workshop mod. (Public, Friends Only, Private)

Once ready, press the upload button and your mod will appear on the workshop shortly.

Testing/Playing a Workshop Mod

With our mod successfully uploaded, we should be able to see and subscribe to it on the workshop.

Press the subscribe button, wait for Steam to download the mod, and launch DUSK – Moddable from your library

Once in-game go to Modding and observe the mod order list. You should see your example mod near the top. Tick the checkbox to enable the mod and press apply.

With your mod enabled return to the main menu, go to campaign, custom level, and select your map from the list. And like that you should now be in your map, in DUSK!

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