EA SPORTS FIFA 23: How To Fix EA Anticheat Error

Fix for EA Anticheat Error when starting FIFA 23


How To Fix EA Anticheat Bug (Method 1 by _xGD)

1, Go to your Origin location C:\xxx\Origin and open properties of Origin.exe and in Compability select “Launch as admininstrator”
2, As ‘WannaBeMe ツ’ mentioned, uninstall FACEIT Anticheat. It helped too.

1. Go to your steam location C:\xxx\Steam\steamapps\common\FIFA 23\__Installer\EAAntiCheat
2. Launch EAAntiCheat.Installer
3. Uninstall FIFA 23 Anticheat
4. Install FIFA 23 Anticheat
5. Restart your PC (it is necessary for me)
6. Launch FIFA through Steam immidiately after booting up the system

OPTIONAL: Go to FIFA location and set FIFA23.exe to be launch as admin everytime.

I tried this for 5 times, it worked everytime.
Maybe don’t close FIFA, because you will probably get error again. If you get the error, repeat the process.


How To Fix EA Anticheat Error (Method 2 by contact)

STOP. I know what you’re thinking, another guide that wont work. But wait, and follow the steps below in exact order and this should fix your problem. It works for me, and 3 friends that i helped with this.

Follow these steps

1. Uninstall FACEIT Anticheat
Sounds stupid, but it conflicts with EA’s Anticheat services
You can do this through the “Add or remove programs” in Windows , and then select uninstall faceit AC and all of its components.

2. Disable Real-time protection.
This stops Windows antivirus blocking EA’s Anticheat from accessing the internet.

3. Uninstall EA Anticheat Services
This is by default located in C:/Program Files/EA/AC/EAAntiCheat.Installer.exe
Run the Installer, then click Uninstall All.

4. Verify integrity of game files
This is done through steam by right clicking the game on your Library and Properties , then Verify integrity.


6. Right click Steam.exe and Run As Administrator
Do not run Origin or EA app. Let steam open this when launching FIFA 23 through steam.

8. Make sure no Origin or EA background processes are running
Open task manager and be sure to end the process of any EA related / Origin related services or applications running in the background.

9. Launch FIFA 23
This might take some time to run first-time installs , when the anticheat page pops up. Press Reinstall EA Anticheat.

10.You will now receive a prompt that says EA Anticheat has been installed, please restart the game.

11. Restart steam, AGAIN.
I know, sounds stupid. But restart steam, and make sure you launch as administrator.

12. Launch FIFA 23, the problem should now be fixed.

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