Ember Knights: All Secrets Guide

Guide to the known secrets in the game.


Introduction (Secret #1 – Shh… It’s a Secret!)

After completing several runs, Esper will have a dialogue prompt and will tell you about the Compendium, which is a giant book that details the monsters, skills, relics, etc. that you have encountered or defeated.

It goes without saying that from this point on, all content is considered spoiler material. I will mark any information that is not strictly need-to-know under the spoiler tag.

The compendium, located at the bottom-right corner of the Nexus.

At the top, there are headers/tabs that you can navigate through using Q/E or the shoulder buttons on your controller. Going all the way to the right beyond the last tab will unlock a secret tab for Secrets. You can also go left from the first tab. Discovering this tab is the first secret. There are currently a total of 12 known secrets for the game.

The secrets tab (the egg icon)

Secret #2 – We’re Doomed

In the main menu, selecting the credits will take you to a minigame in which you are assigned a random weapon and skills and can kill helpers, which respawn around the map as you kill them.

Increase your score by killing helpers. After the timer ends, a root with blue lights will appear in the top-left. Interacting with it will restart the minigame and reset your loadout.

Meeting a minimum score threshold will unlock secret #2 as well as a new legendary relic, Doom Shell.

Doom Shell – “The first time you receive damage in a room, release the Doom Shell.”

I don’t know what the minimum required score is, but 30 kills did it for me. I believe this may be the minimum based on the color coding of your score, but let me know in the comments if you managed to unlock it with a lower score.

Secret #3 – Bake a Pie

Apples will occasionally drop from enemies or lootable corpses and will heal you for 5 HP upon consumption.

Heals for 5 HP

Using a fire skill (like Ember Fire) on an apple will turn it into an apple pie which will instead heal you for 10 HP.

Heals for 10 HP

You will also receive 10 embers as a reward.

Secret #4 – Sharing is Caring

Attacking an apple pie on the ground will split it into 4 slices of pie, each healing for 3 HP, increasing the total healing by 2 HP, from 10 HP to 12 HP.


Secret #5 – Well Done!

Using a fire skill on a piece of meat will change it into grilled meat, increasing the healing from 10 HP to 20 HP. The fire skill can be used directly on the object containing the meat; it is unnecessary to break the object to free the meat before using the fire skill.

More magic!

Secret #6 – Too Well Done…

Using a fire skill again on a piece of already grilled meat will burn the grilled meat to ashes and reduce the healing from 20 HP to only 5 HP.

Meat’s back on the m– Oh…

Secret #7 – A Greater Power

In the Nexus, hitting Esper 3 times will unlock Secret #7 and prompt Esper to ask, “Don’t you grow tired of this?”


Secret #8 – Vandal

Attack the sign at the back of Arlan’s shop until it breaks. This will prompt Arlan to express his displeasure but more importantly, it will drop gold and unlock Secret #8.

Still have not grown tired of this

Eventually, the sign will be upgraded from wood to metal and require more hits to destroy. It’s okay, though, we’ve got the time.

Secret #9 – Repair the Broken Jar

Arlan’s shop will randomly have a glass vial containing some green substance for sale for 1 gold. Upon purchasing the item, it will drop onto the floor and shatter, releasing a green puddle. The puddle will form a slime and crawl out of the shop.

I’m never gonna financially recover from this.
Image Credit – Bald E on Youtube

In subsequent runs, entering a ??? room may lead you to the “shhhop?” in which there are no enemies, but there is a pool containing a blob creature named “Bob.” Interacting with Bob will prompt an offering of gold. I’m not sure how much is required, but he will give you a normal relic called Glass Jar. I offered 250 gold to get it.

Support small businesses.

Once you return to the Nexus, Esper will have a dialogue prompt after the run in which he’ll inspect the relic and suggest you talk to Arlan about it. When you speak to Arlan, he will repair the jar, unlocking legendary relic Bob’s Containment Field and completing Secret #9.

Your first skill use in each room grants a shield for 5s that stops projectiles and prevents damage to all Knights inside it.

Secret #10 – ???

Sorry, can’t help you with this. As far as I know, nobody has unlocked it, although the requirement is supposedly known.

Secret #11 – The Color of Change

In World 1, you may see these waterfalls with a glowing symbol of the Ember Tree on the cliff face.

You have no idea how long it took me to get this waterfall and have the Blast Bomb skill.

Using the Blast Bomb skill on this wall destroy the cliff face and reveal a cave. Upon entering the cave, you will unlock the Ember Pit and Secret #11.

Picking it up will unlock Secret #11.

Back in the Nexus, you’ll find the Ember Pit located north of the Compendium. Interacting with it will cycle through the available colors (blue, orange, purple, green)

Fun fact, these are more or less the actual flame colors produced when these chemicals are set on fire. The fire adds energy to the atoms, which cause its electrons to jump to a higher energy state. It subsequently comes back down, releasing the gained energy in the process. Depending on the chemical, this energy is released at different wavelengths, which correspond to varying colors of light. This information is used to help determine the composition of distant stars and is also used to color fireworks.

Secret #12 – Core Finances

At the Shhhop, make an offering of only 1 gold and Bob will give you an apple core, which only heals you 1 HP. Note that you may only make one offering per visit to the Shhhop.

Alright Bob, fair enough.

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  1. Secret #10 is called ”Break the Record” or ”Record Breaker”
    You get it by hitting the Gramophone near the Mimic King till it breaks.


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