Ember Knights: Electric Color Guide

Acquiring the secret Electric color found on Anville.


Gaining the Electric Skin

The secret is on the current final level РAnville. Before you get to this level, or once you arrive, your priority is to acquire an electric Skill. At the time of this guide, that is only Judgment.

Look for a room that looks like this:

You’ll notice the two coils with the Ember tree symbol at the bottom.

Each coil will require a use of your skill. After activating they will illuminate the lines on the ground leading to the secret room door. Attempt to use the skill early, then recharge it by carefully defeating the enemies in the room to activate the second coil. Alternatively, do this run with friends whom also have this skill.

Once both coils are active, a door between the exit doors will open.

Be sure to loot your room before you enter the secret room and claim your prize!

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