Enter The Backrooms: All Achievements Guide

Here is a full guide on how to get every single achievement in the game.


Update: Release Version III, Revision I

Note: If you’re just starting your game, don’t even bother with achievements. Focus on getting more artifacts and ‘beating’ the game, aka completing level 8. Everything will be easier after that, so this should be your first goal. Plus, this guide won’t talk about EVERY achievement, since most are painfully obvious.

Enter The Backrooms
Complete All Levels 0-8

Tips: Simply go through all levels, be aware that if you skipped some of them (like 4, for instance), you’ll need to go back and do them normally for this achievement to pop up.

Deal Me In
Take a Gamble on Level 5

Tips: There’s a green table with some stuff on it that you can find rarely on level 5, if you find one, just interact with it and you’ll get the achievement, but be aware that it’ll teleport you to a random level, so it’s nice to have a clock with you if you’re going for this achievement.

As Above
Ascend I00 Floors on Level 4
Tips: Have sugar and a clock with you. Run upwards 100 times and you’ll get this achievement, however it’ll send you back to level 0, so use a clock (or the hub if you already got the level 4 key, you might have that already at this point).

So Below
Descend I00 Floors on Level 4
Tips: Same thing but run downwards instead. The physics while falling in this game are quite weird, so this will take a bit longer than just running upwards.

Real gamers know what to do.
Tips: For this one all you’ll need to do is change every setting inside the game to the number 69 (brightness, sound etc), you can get this achievement in the menu of the game, as well.

Heart of Darkness
Be Harmed by Dullers 50 Times
Tips: Don’t worry about this one until you’re quite established at the game. Once you have a significant amount of HP, start taking hits from Dullers on purpose, you’ll eventually get this in no time.

Lost in the Sauce
He comes.
Tips: This is the most RNG achievement of all of them. In basically any level there’s an abysmally small chance of a floating ball with a kid’s face to appear. You have to find it and interact with it. How? Where? I don’t know, don’t ask me. This one is just plain stupid.

No More Fun
Survive a Partygoer
Tips: When you open a box, there’s a chance one of these balloon things will appear. Once that happens, stay still and wait for it to appear, stare at them for some time and they’ll go away and give you this achievement.

Fallen Hero
Fall to Your Death
Tips: On Level II, go inside one of the building with something writen in front of it, this building will have an elevator inside. Go to the highest floor (the highest number) and jump from it. You’ll take fall damage if you do that, do this enough times so that you’ll die and get the achievement, however you’ll be sent to level 0, so be aware of that (you won’t lose your items, you can use the clock to go back). If you have way too much HP, wait for an event to occurr and lower it hitting the huge amount of dullers that will spawn, this can make your life easier if you’re already at the end game.

More achievements
Backrooms Hostage
Die I0 Times
Tips: You can get this either early game or end game. If you’re early game, you’ll die quite easily so just find a chair, save your game and die on purpose I0 times. If you’re already at the end game and don’t have this, go to level 3 and look for a chair near a fake elevator, this is the fastest way of dying I0 times and getting this achievement on purpose.Wired Expanse
Complete The Electroscape
Tips: While in level 3, if you walk over 100 thousand units and go inside an elevator, you’ll go to The Electroscape (have an clock with you when you interact with the elevator, just in case if something goes wrong). Inside of this level, look for either a door or a rift, since both of them will give you the achievement (the rift will send you back to level 3 and the door will send you to level 6).

Under Construction
Complete The Whiteout
Tips: Set your brightness to 50 and your render distance to the max. You’ll need to find a dark grey door here, it shouldn’t take that long, so keep looking.

Under Destruction
Complete The Blackout
Tips: Set your brightness 150 now. You’ll need batteries for the flashlight here. You’re looking for a door (I don’t remember if rifts spawn here, if they do, look for them as well), just walk for some time and you’ll should be able to find one. Be aware of the amount of Dullers here and the lack of boxes.

Escape The End
Tips: You’ll need to walk a lot, depending on your luck. You need to go through a rift in The End to get this achievement, keep looking, they spawn quite rarely.

Happy Birthday
Escape Level Fun =)
Tips: Try to avoid going here before end game, since this place will most likely kill you. To get this achievement, just run across the place and look for a rift, it won’t spawn near you, so you’ll need to run a bit, just avoid the Partygoers, be aware that they can’t hurt you if you’re standing still, so you can just meditate and look for the rift at your own pace.

Bubbling Skin
Encounter The Boiled
Tips: At some levels (mostly 1) you can find these red things, just go near them and let them hit you, that’ll give you the achievement (and a jumpscare if you didn’t know they were a thing)

Use a Fake Elevator
Tips: A fake elevator is an elevator that has blood stains on it. Just interact with one (they damage you, so be aware of that).

Reach 0% Stability
Tips: Just wait in the negative levels, when it reaches 0%, you’ll be sent to level 0 and you’ll get this achievement.

Access Granted
Find a Level Key
Tips: After you ‘beat the game’ (aka completed level 8) you’ll unlock The Hub, which can teleport you to any level you want as long as you have the key for it. That’s why grinding % boxes artifacts in level 5 is so important. The first key will be easy, but getting all of them is time consuming. I’m not sure, but I think they can only spawn once you’ve beaten the level you’re grinding at least once and unlocked The Hub as well. Regardless, just go for this if you’re at the end game.

Find All Level Keys
Tips: Every level has boxes, some have less, some have more, you need to keep grinding boxes until you find the key for that level (the odds are on you), do this for all levels between 0 – I8 and you’ll get this achievement! (Negative levels don’t have boxes, neither keys). Good luck with this one, it’s going to be a chore and probably you’re last achievement, so if you’re here, congratulations! You completed Enter The Backrooms 100%! (Until there’s a new update with more achievements and keys, lol)

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