Entropy Zero 2: 100% Achievements Guide

Step-by-step guide to complete 100% achievements


Chapter 0

Never had it anyway.
Play prologue until the very end, unlocking the only achievement in the chapter

Chapter 1

Cell Division
Reach the extraction point with four soldiers.
Find and add soldier(s) to your squad. They must be alive at all
A soldier being melee-killed by an antlion worker is scripted and thus doesn’t count toward achievement
You can call your squad to wait at a safe place so antlions won’t damage/kill them
This task starts when you meet the first soldier (left screenshot) and ends when you reach the shotgunner guy (right screenshot)

New body. New Boots.
Unlocks after destroying the antlion holes and getting into the container in the last area

Chapter 2

Get health from a surrendered medic.
To make a medic surrender, you must disarm the weapon they wield and while fleeing or about to picking up a weapon, press E on them. Your HP must be below 100 or else they will not heal you
Make sure medics are at a safe place as they can be killed by a rebel grenade or gunfire
Kicking is also very useful to not accidentally kill
You can recognize medics by their armbands and backpacks (screenshot)
Can be done on Chapter 2 or later

Please Knock
Kick open 60 doors.
Press V to kick open doors. The game has over 60 doors so it’s possible in a single playthrough
If some enemy has opened the door, you can close it and then kick it, this will count
You can farm this achievement by saving, kicking, then loading. Repeat until it unlocksScience Team
Reach the secret lab within Arbeit 1 with five soldiers.
Same as “Cell Division”, though you have to find a hidden 5th soldier, see below
This task starts when the first three soldiers jumping down from the bridge (left screenshot) and ends after surviving a rebel ambush (right screenshot)

Radio Recon (1/19)
On a table in the control room

Party Trick
Kill a long-jump rebel whilst they are in mid-air.
Simple just kill a long-jump rebel whilst they are in mid-air, any high-damage weapon such as pulse rifle will do
You can find a long-jump rebel by glowing lights on their body

Radio Recon (2/19)
After running past the sniper, on the ground floor, go to the room with red light

Radio Recon (3/19)
On the first floor, in the room with a lot of barrels and SLAMs, throw your grenade into a vent and doors leading to a room will be opened. Radio is inside there

Radio Recon (4/19)
On the second floor, go through doorways with 3 planks

Use your SLAM on a marked wall next to radio #4. There, you will find the 5th soldier for “Science Team” achievement

Radio Recon (5/19)
On the ground floor, in a corridor after surviving a rebel ambush

Then came the Combine
Unmissable. Unlocks after the Overwatch soldier opening the next gate for you

My Evil Twin
Unmissable. Unlocks after talking with the Bad Cop clone just before dropping down the hole to Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Friends in low places
Meet Wilson.
As your way, there are two open doors there. Go through the left door to meet Wilson
You’ll have to carry him to open his closets for a collectible achievement, and all the way to the end of the game for two achievements
Always hold him when a loading screen appears because on some occasions, he will disappear
Wilson can be attached to top of the APC and the train cart in the Xentarium, remember that

Radio Recon (6/19)
After opening the gate using some objects on a lift

Radio Recon (7/19)
After radio #6, turn left and then right to find another radio in dark

Radio Recon (8/19)
At the start of the Gonome chase, instead jumping over a cyan goo pit, go through a wall that is visible

Radio Recon (9/19)
In the next dark room. You should easily spot a flash green from radio

Radio Recon (10/19)
In a test chamber, there is a vent behind a cyan-painted turret. Go through the vent to find a radio

Radio Recon (11/19)
After navigating your way through a maze-like layout filled with zombies, a radio is on a box near broken stairs

Radio Recon (12/19)
Put Wilson in front of the scanner so that the first door is unlocked

Radio Recon (13/19)
On a table, hard to miss

Radio Recon (14-15/19)
There are 2 radios in the next room after talking with the turret. A radio is on a ledge, climb up ladder to find (left screenshot) while another is on a table (right screenshot)

Radio Recon (16/19)
On a box just before destroying a padlock off the door

Kill it with a GUN
Unlocks after killing the GonomeRadio Recon (17/19)
After killing the Gonome and putting Wilson in front of the scanner, turn left and go through the door

Worth the Weight
Consume 10,000 kg with Xen grenades.
Use your Xen grenades to consume enough objects and enemies to spawn health and energy items for you. Be careful that it can also spawn enemies, especially antlion guard if using on heavy objects
Using another grenade to spawned things also count
You can farm this after picking up your first grenades. Go to the next room with 3 zombies and some objects and save before throw all grenades. Reload and repeat until it unlocks

Radio Recon (18/19)
On your way to the end of the chapter, this is actually unmissable

Unlocks after riding the elevator up

Chapter 4

Dirty Harry
Kill 18 rebels using the 357.
Use your revolver you found from previous chapter to kill any rebel of any type, that’s it
No need to farm as there’s plenty of rebels later but if you want to conserve ammo for tough battles, go aheadRadio Recon (19/19)
In the room with rebels, unlocking the achievement if you followed this guide (you can replay chapters if you missed)

Closet Clearer (1/11)
In the first building after driving your APC

Drift King
Before going through the second building, take a left and go up hill. There’s an edge that you can simply move and easily flip your APC
This is an easy place I’ve found rather than others

Closet Clearer (2/11)
In the second building

Closet Clearer (3/11)
Take Wilson from your APC to the test chamber with one of three power sources needed to progress. Activate the power source to trigger anti-gravity and destroy piece of glass, allowing you to open the closet

Ghost Hunt
Unlocks after activating all 3 power sources and seeing the ghost Borealis ship

Far Distant Eyes
Witness the secret temporal overlay in the monitoring station.
Once you go back to your APC, the protagonist states he’s never going back there. When that happens, return to where you saw the ship and enjoy the secret temporal overlay

Chapter 4a

Rebar Huntsman
Kill 25 alien creatures with the crossbow.
Use your crossbow you found at the start of the chapter to kill 25 alien creatures such as headcrab, etc.
You may farm this upon picking up the weapon, there are about 3-4 headcrabs that you can do save and load methodTemporal Troubles (1/4)
This one is unmissable since you need to kill it to disable the anomaly wall anyway

Closet Clearer (4/11)
On your way to your APC, you will find the closet. You have to put Wilson there

Closet Clearer (5/11)
During the fight with rebels around the house, a headcrab shell crashes through the entrance of the basement with the closet inside

Closet Clearer (6/11)
Easily hard to miss, you have to restore power first before you can open the closet

Now there are two of them!
Kill both of the gonomes in the Xentarium.
After switching power back on in the Xentarium you’ll meet two Gonomes to kill. If you save energy balls from your pulse rifle, do that to instantly kill both Gonomes without effort

On a Road
Unmissable as you progress through the game

Chapter 5

Temporal Troubles (2/4)
In a supply crate around a bunch of rocks

Closet Clearer (7/11)
Fight your way, eventually you will find this closet

As you progress through the game you will find that scanner, inside it is a payload transport. Send Wilson here so you don’t need to carry him around battlefield

Closet Clearer (8/11)
Easily hard to miss on your way

Closet Clearer (9/11)
After the rebels burned a pile of things

Temporal Troubles (3/4)
In a supply crate in the middle path with yellow light

Temporal Troubles (4/4)
There is a supply crate inside a dumpster outside the building you left

Closet Clearer (10/11)
If you take the upstairs route you should spot that closet, opposite the exit door

No Chance of Escape
Neutralize Dr. Mossman’s helicopter on the Arbeit 3 helipad.
Throw a Xen grenade at the helicopter (screenshot), giving you an achievement (and spawned antlion guards)

Closet Clearer (11/11)
Put Wilson in front of the scanner and move on. After clearing warehouse filled with enemies and escaping with Judith, Wilson took a long time to open the closet for you

Custody Assistant
Unlocks after escaping with Judith from the Bad Cop clone

Chapter 6

Scar Zero
Reunite with Scar Zero at Entropic Control.
If you’ve rescued and escorted Scar Zero to the secret lab in Chapter 2, he will be at the building after defeating the cloneDeliverance
Bring Wilson to the upload station at the end of the game.
If you follow this guide you’ve carried Wilson towards the game, you will find the upload station that you can put him there to get an achievement

The Project
Unlocks as you progress through the end of the game

Make a manual save before meeting the dying clone for next 5 achievements

Supposed Brothers
After talking with the dying clone, do not kill him and instead walk away. The Advisor will kill him anyways

There will be darkness
Accept the Advisor’s reward and do not harm it. It will remove the protagonist’s memory, resulting in the “bad” ending. The achievement will unlock just before credits roll

Problem Soul
Reload the manual save and finish him off during a conversation

Overwatch says “Stop kicking it”
Kick the Advisor, triggering the boss fight

There will be pain
Its first phase can easily be avoided by side-strafing while in its second phase just run around corners
You can also use the orange holes in the floor as covers from flying objects it throws
The achievement will unlock after the credits

Still Alive
If you did put Wilson into the upload station, it should unlock after the credits along with “There will be pain” achievement

Beat Cop
Complete the game on Normal difficulty or higher.
Self-explanatory, playing any chapter aside from Chapter 0 will not unlock
Endings don’t matter

Bad Cop
Complete the game on Hard difficulty.
Quicksave is your friend and use any powerful weapon such as the revolver for any tough battles
If you take too much damage, think about it and reload save
It’s best to reach the “bad” ending as you won’t fight the Advisor


Visitor Pass/Bootstrap Program/Mirage Clearance
Earn bronze/silver/gold medals on all challenge maps.
There are 8 maps with 5 types of challenges, in which you have to complete all 40 challenges
Challenge description:

  • Least Damage
    One of the two difficult challenges, for that, you must not take at least damage at all. Thankfully, quicksaves still heal your pain
    Teammates being hurt doesn’t count, so feel free to use them as meatshields
  • Least Bullets
    You must spend at least bullets that’s under the goal, just rush to the end and pray that rebels won’t manage to damage you
    Kicking is very useful for disarming weapons and you can use that to beat up rebels to death
    Let your teammates do that as their bullets don’t count
    Explosives and projectiles such as crossbow bolts do not count as bullets
  • Least Time
    You must race to the end while killing any enemy that is blocking your path
    Don’t forget to pick up any items to heal your HP and conserve ammo
  • Least Kills
    Well that’s one of the two difficult challenges because plenty of enemies in a map
    Once again, let your teammates do that as their kills don’t count
  • Most Mass
    Simple, use Xen grenades to consume much things. Ammo is limited, use them wisely
    Objects and items won’t be enough to get a gold medal without enemies on some levels
    Make sure how much things are in a grenade radius

Alternatively…you can cheat out challenges by typing “sv_cheats 1; god; sv_cheats 0” into the console without quotes. You’ll just ruin your experience however
Once the last gold medal is obtained, you will get the “Mirage Clearance” achievement for your hard work (or little effort if you cheated)

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