Escape Room The Sick Colleague: Codes & Combos

Here are the codes and combos in Escape Room – The Sick Colleague.

About the game: This game simulates a real-world escape room. The player starts in a closed room and has to try to get out as soon as possible. To do so, the player can inspect, combine, and interpret objects to obtain new clues to solve new puzzles. By studying the environment closely, the player will also experience a haunting story…


–>Left Cabinet, Gold Lock –> 3702
–>Right Cabinet, Red Lock –> 7843
–>Key – Use Magnet on Vase (from Red Lock)
–>Wall Cabinet, Gold Lock –> 357
–>Safe –> 3125
–>Toolbox – 24658
–>Letter/Name Lock –> 24658
–>Briefcase –> L5, R35, L0 (Use zoom [SHIFT] button)
–>Fuse Box –> On, Off, Off, Off, On, On
–>Ammo Box – R816


“The hard part”
Open the red crate and take out the crowbar and click on the vent, then press the black button and start clicking on the side of the furniture. And go to the other room :).

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