Evil 2: Beginners Guide

There are a lot of approaches you can take with this game. Since the game was designed around you building a criminal empire and becoming a crime lord this is my approach:

Meet lots of girls at the nightclub and either get their phone numbers or take them home for sex
Corrupt these girls through sex until they accept working for you as a whore and then assign them a job to earn you money
Date them until they agree to have sex with you if needed
Max your relationship with them before asking them to be your whore
Some girls who are students, married, or have a good job won’t agree to be your whore – some will agree if you get them addicted to drugs or blackmail them with a sex tape
If you build up your own gang, you can use the ‘Arrange a setup’ option and trick the girl into owing you money (another option for convincing girls to be your whore)

Talk with Mabuta in the strip club and make a deal with him before your whores work more than one day
Your slaves and whores also need protection. Mabuta is the best choice for starting out and he will also agree to provide protection with his Nigerian gang if you talk to him a second time

If you are doing the college student playthrough, you’ll want to move out of the dorms as soon as possible as you can’t bring non-students back to your dorm room for sex. There isn’t a lot of content for the student playthrough, however the college parties can be fun

Keep a good relationship with the chief of police and Tony (major drug dealer in the city). Visit them both frequently and maintain a good relationship with them. With Tony, you can play cards with him at the strip club and buy drugs from him downtown at his mansion. With the Chief of Police, you can visit him in the strip club and pay his bill and fuck strippers with him. It is important to maintain these relationships throughout the game for best success. I usually visit each of them 3 days per week. You can do multiple activities with each of them on the same day for faster results. If you can’t sell drugs to Tony, your relationship with him is too low.

Earn enough money to buy a car, the farm, and a taser (shocker) and then work as a taxi driver and kidnap girls and train them to be slaves at your farm. Once they sign a slave contract, put them to work

Later in the game you can purchase your own brothel which will be one of your largest money producers long term

Drug dealers and drug couriers will also earn you a lot of money

Camwhores will earn you a good amount of money also and there is no danger to them (no hospital visits, on overdoses, no deaths, no aggressive clients, etc.)

Later in the game you can purchase your own factory and once you upgrade it with the best equipment it will be one of your largest money producers long term
You can also program porn games and after you max your programming skill, you can make lots of money

Meet guys at the theatre and strip club and add them as contacts. Befriend them enough for them to agree to join your gang. Assign them training tasks until they are somewhat competent. You can then do robberies, steal cars, dismantle them, and eventually assign one as a hitman and kill Mabuta. Guys that are Mechanics and have served in the Army are particularly valuable in your gang. Only Mechanics can dismantle cars and only soldiers can be hitmen (maybe, could be wrong)

Your end goal is to become a crime lord and purchase the mansion, upgrade it, hire maids, etc.
You can then trigger all of the random events in the game and it will eventually lead to the Family Trouble story which is a long and beautiful story. It is one of the best parts of the game and is a reward for building up your criminal empire. noobtrain really did an awesome job with it!

Requirements to trigger the special events and Family story

There is no right or wrong way to play the game. If you want to be able to trigger the special events and the Family story however, you will have to be evil and build up your whore and slave empire.

A tutorial example:

  • Get a loan from the bank
  • Purchase a cheap car
  • Exercise in the morning and trim/shave as needed
  • Do lots of taxi rides during the day
  • If you are a college student, earn enough money to get your own apartment at the real estate agency
  • Meet lots of girls at the Nightclub (or other locations)
  • At the nightclub, try to get them very drunk (will help speed up corruption and sex activities) and take them home for sex (look for girls who are already drunk at the nightclub)
  • Corrupt them through sex until they agree to be your whore and then put them to work (college students, married, and those with good paying jobs will be very difficult to turn into whores)
  • Purchase the farm and a taser once you earn enough money
  • Capture girls on the road while being a taxi driver and train them at your farm property, then put them to work
  • After your first whore or slave works for their first day, talk to Mabuta at the Strip Club and make a deal with him
  • Improve your appearance at the medical center (teeth and other things)
  • Repeat and rinse

This is one method, out of many, to start earning money in the game.

By skybarbie

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