Evil 2: Cheat Codes & Console Commands (V0.69 Updated)

Here is a full guide to let you cheat in Evil 2.


Console Commands / spectre1viper Command Injector:

spectre1viper added the ability to use console commands in the game through the ‘spectre1viper command injector’. All variables in the game can be changed using this feature. You need to open up the QSP file using QGen in order to see the various variable names in the game however. I will not attempt to create a comprehensive list (too many variables). Be very cautious about changing variables using this feature as you could break the game in the process.

If players don’t wish to see the cheat menu option in game, use the following command: disablecheatmenu=1
If you always want the cheat menu to show up in game, use the following command: alwaysenablecheats=1


Cheat Codes / spectre1viper Command Injector

New NPC Relationship Cheat in V0.69

  • weekly_max_female_relations=1
    This cheat is helpful to players who have a lot of NPCs in their game and struggle to keep all of their relationships maxed. This feature was requested by several players.
  • dynamic $d_ultra_fast_start
    Starts the player off with a well developed character, the mansion, most purchasable items, reputation, money, etc. It also starts you off with a small gang that you can add to later (won’t interfere with existing gang members if they exist). This code is mostly for seasoned players who wish to skip the majority of the sandbox portion of the game or for those who just want to play through the visual novel portion of the game (events and stories). This is a heavy-duty cheat. Not recommended for new players.
  • remove_vaglock=1
    This will remove vag locks on all female NPCs in the game after a new day. The vaglock variable wasn’t being cleared previously so it was applied incorrectly on new NPCs and frustrating players.

All Cheat Codes List

  • cheats=1 (cheats are enabled – cheats=0 disabled)
  • alwaysenablecheats=1 (cheat menu is always enabled and disables the cheat menu on/off toggle)
  • disablecheatmenu=1 (cheat menu is disabled until you enter disablecheatmenu=0)
  • autosavedisable=1 (disables auto saves)
    babies=1 (babies=0 is default) (females will get pregnant very easily and pregnancy duration is extremely short)
  • family_tester=1 (family_tester=0 is default) (automatically ages up all of the player’s children to 16 years old. Also allows for multiple duplicate interactions with Phoebe and Anna on the same day)
  • disable_music=1 (disable_music=0 is default with music enabled. Only affects music clips and not music attached to videos)
  • dynamic $d_pimp_that_bitch (turns a female NPC into a super hottie fitness model)
  • dynamic $d_crushboss (pimps the player with awesome stats, gives the mansion and most items and properties you can obtain in the game. It would take a long time to achieve all of this normally. Not recommended for your first playthrough!)
  • dynamic $d_pimp_me (improves the player’s appearance and adds some money – not nearly as powerful as the ‘crushboss’ cheat)
  • dynamic $d_submit (will lower domination and raise corruption and lust some but won’t break her unless you do it a lot)
  • dynamic $d_instant_slave (if you have a slave on the screen in the farm, this will fully break and train her)
  • dynamic $d_instant_whore (this will fully prep an NPC to accept your offer to become your whore. If she is a student, blackmail her and she will accept)
  • dynamic $d_kill (kills the NPC on the screen permanently)
  • dynamic $d_increase_relationship (+50 relationship boost)
  • dynamic $d_remove_student (removes an NPC’s student status which is useful to convince them to become your whore)
  • dynamic $d_impregnate (makes a female NPC pregnant with your child)
  • dynamic $d_endpregnancy (terminates a female NPC’s pregnancy)
  • dynamic $d_change_name (changes an NPC’s first and last name – random)
  • dynamic $d_change_first_name (changes an NPC’s first name – random)
  • dynamic $d_change_last_name (changes an NPC’s last name – random)
  • dynamic $d_fill_random_event_requirements (completes most requirements for the random/special events except for minimum number of contacts (all types))
  • dynamic $d_kidnap (kidnaps the NPC on the screen and sends them to the farm)
  • dynamic $d_box_again_today (allows the player to box again that day)
  • dynamic $d_sleep (makes you go to sleep and ends the day)
  • dynamic $d_start_family_trouble_story_part_1 (starts part 1 of the Family Trouble story)
  • dynamic $d_start_family_trouble_story_part_2 (starts part 2 of the Family Trouble story)

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