Evil Tonight Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Here is a full guide on how to play Evil Tonight as well as some tips for you.



Evil Tonight … is pretty cool.

The game’s great, and it has a lot of RE-style elements while introducing new material, such as fun characters, a unique combat system, and an interesting setting. There’s a lot to get excited about, and while the lack of a map is both disheartening and frustrating, this guide here ought to provide you with enough support to overcome any obstacles and have fun.

(Above: Me, trying to give directions without a map or room names/numbers)

The guide is p straightforward, but please let me know if I missed anything. If the guide helped, please consider rating, etc.

Tips and Tricks

* Your knife rocks, please use it.

* Play around w/ the different aiming modes. Auto can be nice, but you run the risk of inadvertently losing health when there are crowds.

* Reloading saves can be your friend. Don’t get discouraged over damage, time lost, ammo lost. If you reload, think of your previous attempt as a “trial run”

* Look near objects to see if they can be pushed

* In combat, count out the number of hits needed. This will help you focus, and time out when to hit and how many hits are left on a specific enemy.

* You do not lose stamina from running

* Dodging takes less stamina than a hit, but walking/running takes no stamina. Re-position yourself with these two other methods, especially since you have more control over both.

(Part 0) Intro

Front Lawn
Push a statue for some handgun bullets, and collect an apple.

Headless Mannequin Room
Why am I calling it this? Why, indeed … use your knife on some boxes to access a room. Inside, interact with the orb of malice to witness some cool moves.

This leads you to …

Save Room: Entrance
Pro tip: save your game. Then, exit and go to the door on the left.

Unnamed Room
Collect the apple and the diary

Headless Mannequin Room
You can find a figurine and an handgun bullets here. Head through the door at the bottom left.

Front Lawn
Kill the mandrakes and kill the bats. Don’t forget to snag the handgun bullets x2, the figurine (near the puzzle). With all the killing and looting done, turn your attention to our first ever Evil Tonight puzzle.

Match the shapes, collect your prize. Head back w/ the Student Residence Key, but watch out for re-spawned enemies.

Lion Hall
Back through the Headless Mannequin Room, to the door at the bottom right. Break a box for bolts, kill the pesky bats. In the top right of the map you’ll find a bathroom with handgun bullets and a treasure chest. Notice how the treasure chest sparkles? Pretty cool … anyways, open it to get the crossbow.

In the bottom right of the Lion Hall you’ll find a tonic. In the bottom left, across from where you came in, there’s a door. Go through it.

Evil Stabby Maid Room
Y’know, one of the issues with not having a map and naming/numbering your rooms is that it gives people writing guides the opportunity to choose whatever name they please.

Snag the handgun bullets, the apple, and watch the evil stabby maid try and stab a child. Shoot her, take the figurine, follow the child.

The mission is now a bit more challenging. Take the handgun bullets, figurine, and leave. You’ll be back later for a puzzling affair.

Back in the Evil Stabby Maid Room, go through the south door with the Student Residence Key. Once outside, collect the crossbow bolts to the left and the figurine to the right. An apple will be below you, guarded by a bat.

Head further right, and you’ll find some crossbow bolts in the top corner of the map. Keep going right until the screen transitions.

Quad 2
There’s an apple on the far side of the fountain. Head through the door to the south.

(Part 1) Key Time
Big Ballerina Building (or, the BBB)
First floor, left door has a diary page. First floor, right door has a save spot and crossbow bolts. Second floor, right side has a table you can push for handgun bullets. Second floor, left side has a figurine you can access when you’ve pushed away a chair.

BBB (Right, 1st)
There are handgun bullets near a pair of fish legs, and a dressing room further down. Meet the maids, collect the apple, nab the figurine. You can check the bear twice for crossbow bolts, but don’t forget the handgun x2.

In order to open the blue chest you’ll need a code. The scattered papers ought to help w/ that, even if some of the writing is a bit faded …

With the Coin Key you can open Coin Key doors. We passed such a door, located next to ol’ cage head out in the hall. Head in, kill the enemies, gather the items (slide, figurine), and take note that there’s a shelf you can slide away to reveal a door. There’s a headless unicorn inside, which we’ll handle later.

Quad 1
There’s a building w/ ballerina statues outside of it. Find it, and collect the first aid kit. If I were you, then I’d also look at the statues closely.

Inside is an apple, handgun bullets, and a figurine (push the planter). Beside some crossbow bolts there’ll be a puzzle involving ballerinas.

BBB (Right, 1st)
Open the door tucked between the goat dude and the dryad. There’s a tonic (rad) as well as some crossbow bolts and a rope. There’s also some hidden handgun bullets, though they might not be worth it.

Back in the hall, grab the crossbow bolts and push the jester to reveal handgun bullets. Now, we can head upstairs.

BBB (Right, 2nd)
The first door has shotgun shells and a painting, so we’ll call it the Painting Room. The room at the end contains a save point and an apple.

Head left in the hall, and collect the apple and crossbow bolts. The final door can be unlocked to lead you back to the main hall.

BBB (Left, 1st)
There’s nothing in the locker, but the globe can be pushed away to reveal crossbow bolts. To the bottom left there’s an open locker w/ handgun bullets, and an apple behind a ghost.

Run past the fire, unlock the door on the left (outside shortcut), and push away the fox to reveal handgun bullets. Through the final door (right), you’ll find the Projector Room (this is a p important room) as well as handgun bullets, an apple, and crossbow bolts. Use your slide on the projector, and examine the wall.

Go to the main hall, and the out the southern door.

Broken Window Place (aka Affable Statue Zone)
You are outside again, in an area with no clear traits to discern a name from. Go right, smash the box for an ammo pickup, and circle around for a tonic and a hidden figurine.

To the left of the door you came through, there is a box w/ handgun bullets. More handgun bullets can be found in the lion cafe.

Keep moving left, and circle around the perimeter for some crossbow bolts and an obnoxious amount of enemies. Keep searching to reveal even more enemies.

Use the rope on the broken window and head in.

BBB (Left, 2nd)
We’re in.

Handgun bullets to the left, diary page to the right. Ahead of you is the Floor Toucan Room, with handgun bullets and a squared piece. Head back out to encounter the most dangerous game of all …

Go right, nab the apple from the twins statue, and break the box for crossbow bolts. Unlock the final door to go back to the main hall.

Evil Stabby Maid Room
Trek back, enter into the room where you met w/ Dino. You may notice the room is a tad more occupied, but don’t let that stop you from trying out your crossbow. You can also use the squared piece on the tile puzzle to activate said puzzle.

You’ll get a cool key from completing the puzzle. If you get stuck, pace around a bit to clear your head (Hint:).

Lion Hall
Head up, and find that there’s a cabinet you can push (two plates on top) for handgun bullets. With that done, access the door to the right of the lion.

Inside the dining room seek out the handgun bullets x2, diary page, first aid kit. Not much else to do in here, but the fire’s nice. Take a moment to reflect on how good the pixel art for the game is, and then leave.

Headless Mannequin Room
Last door on the left can be opened now. This allows you to access a tonic, an item I missed because I clicked too fast, and a vent.

BBB (Right, 2nd)
Pick up the crossbow bolts that we missed from earlier (oops), and then use your cup key on the green door. Before you head inside, push the nearby vase for a figurine.

Huge Mermaid Room
Clear out the slimes, take the handgun bullets x2 and the apple. Then, go save your game. Once you’ve done that, come back and interact w/ the statue.

IDK, Some Other Place
Knife the purple orbs and try not to get trapped. When you hit all three orbs the barrier will drop, allowing you to get up-close and blast away w/ your crossbow.

(Part 2) Sword and Garden

So with the keys you have, and the keys you’ll get, a ton of the map is now open. The Sword Key really expands your options, making it a p great break point for the game.

BBB (Left, 2nd)
Use the Sword Key on the door where a jack-in-the-box lurks. Inside is a diary, shotgun shells, an apple, and the unicorn head. The chest in the corner holds a shotgun, which you might be tempted to try out on the hiding jester who pops out of nowhere and hits you. If you did, I wouldn’t blame you.

Back in the hall, the next door over can be opened w/ the Cup Key. In this room there is an apple, another jester, crossbow bolts, and a slide. I’m going to go back and use the new slide now, but feel free to wait if you’d rather go to the projector room when you have further business on that floor (BBB Left, 1st btw).

Lion Hall
Between the gas tanks and the statue that looks suspiciously like Marie Curie we can use the Sword Key. Let’s call this new room the “Is that Doll Alive?” room.

In the “Is that Doll Alive” room, you can loot the trash for crossbow bolts, and then potshot the maids with your knife so long as you stand behind the counter (warning: they can, and will, hit you back if you are not careful).

With that all cleared up, we find a figurine, a boarded up door, handgun bullets, a diary page, shotgun shells, an apple, a tonic, and an empty fire extinguisher. Check the doll to see if it is alive, and then unlock the door.

BBB (Right, 1st)
Remember the door next to ol’ cage head? The one where you got the slide and there was an adjoining headless unicorn room? Okay, go there.

Use the unicorn head on the unicorn, and then run for the door. Past that you’ll find a rare crybaby, as well as an apple and an artist portrait.

Calmly leave the room, keeping your eye open for any ammo pickups, and head to the main hall to see your progress!

Portrait (Painting) Room
On the 2nd floor, left side you’ll find where you need to put the portrait. Solve a small puzzle, and check both the angel and your math if you get stuck.

With the fuses, and the extinguisher, and the garden key, and the sword key, we have all we need for the next part of the game. Cool!

Quad 2
Please save before you go, as it might save you some healing items. As you probably already know, these are rather handy.

On the left you’ll find two gates, one of which can be opened with the Garden Key. Besides the mandrakes, you’ll find deadly vines and a homunculus in here. Stay out of eyesight of the creature, and knife down the vines. Don’t miss out on the figurine (bottom, push the tree), crossbow bolts, handgun bullets, shotgun shells.

You’ll also note that there are statues. Touch them in the following order, and you’ll be granted access to the next area: Bottom, right, top, center. Through the door is a few enemies, including a jester, so rush into the shed for a save point, apple, crossbow bolts, handgun bullets. To the left of the shed, in a box, is a tonic.

Unlock the gate, and then open the door up top.

Stage Warehouse
The bomb ladies just aren’t worth killing. Shotgun shells in the top right, crossbow bolts and a diary near the shrine, and a figurine (plus an apple) in the center of the room.

Rain Alley
Destroy the bats, and head straight up for handgun bullets in a box. Collect the tonic by the dumpsters and the figurine by the door. Get the shotgun shells at the end of the path, and then come through the door where the figurine was.

Fuse Room
Slimes can be killed w/ six to eight knife hits, which you’ll find out in this room. Push aside a box for a figurine, break a box, and grab the first aid kit and shotgun shells. Use the fuse on the fuse box, and then don’t panic, because the puzzle is easier than it looks. If you’ve got green, then preserve the numbers in that row/column.

Once done, leave.

Rain Alley
Go to the room on the right, which we’ll call the Steam Hissing Computer Room. Kill the slimes, take the shotgun shells x2, and collect the crossbow bolts. We’ll be back later.

In the building to the right of the dumpster, get the diary page, crossbow bolts, handgun bullets, and shotgun shells. We will also be back later.

The final room kinda sucks, and I just ended up using my shotgun to mitigate the amount of suffering I went through. Nab the apple, the ammo pickup I missed because I was spamming the interact button, and the handgun bullets. All that is from the first half of the room.

After you fiddle with the valves, head down. Use the extinguished extinguisher on the extinguisher machine so your extinguisher is unextinguished (yes, it is a word, let me have this). Once completed, find a save point and save your game.

BBB (Left, 1st)
Extinguish the fire. Inside the Ballet Room there are a lot of mannequins, and an unnerving voice that laughs. This should, in no way, raise any flags.

Collect the crossbow bolts, the shotgun shells, and the tonic. Then, examine the mirror for a special moment.

Another place that isn’t where we originally were
Oh, the Club Key. Cool find, bro. Examine the mirror again, and then engage in a knife-shotgun battle.
I used the crossbow, got real close to the chaos emerald, and shot twice. Avoid the adds or knife them, and run away from the lady. If you really need to save ammo you can knife the emeralds, but it takes a bit.

(Part 3) Clubbin’

Don’t forget to save your game!

BBB (Right, 1st)
Final door on this wing. Watch out for the maids, and gather up the machine gun magazine, an apple (push the statue), shotgun shells, and a small key. When the maid smashes through the window, kill her so you can get the figurine.

Rain Alley
I love this place … yay …

Avoid Bat Pukey Lady, and head for the third door. Use the small key on the drawer, and you’ll get the VHS tape.

BBB (Right, 2nd)
Use the Sword Key to open the VHS Room. When it comes to fighting a bat pukey lady in here, you might have questions like “who made this decision?” or “did they test this enemy?” or even “why?”. These questions are natural.

Suffer through, and watch out for the Jester. There’s also a jack-in-the-box, but whatever. You want the shotgun shells, the tonic, and the handgun bullets. The crossbow bolts are nice, too.

Use the VHS on the VHS player. Examine the tv, and copy down whatever you see. This will come in handy soon-ish.

BBB (Left, 1st)
The study room holds a few items of importance, including a puzzle solution that is v easy to miss. Take the first aid kit, machine gun magazine, a machine gun (in the chest). On the wall on the right side of the desk there’s a calendar that you need to look at.

Near the fox, you’ll find a door that can be opened by the Club Key. Take the shotgun shells and examine the trash for handgun bullets. On the couch is a diary, and in the corner is a bear. Examine the bear, reflect, and leave.

BBB (Left, 2nd)
Watch out for the maid they put right next to the door. Then head down, and access the Sewing Room. Take the handgun bullets, shotgun shells, machine gun magazine. In one of the corners you’ll find a box w/ a 4-letter password. It is time to solve the puzzle … good luck … because I brute forced the solution here …

Check your notebook, and try each combination written.

Bask in the glory of the huge gem.

Bear Room
The room with the bear can now be handled to its fullest. Use the gem on the bear, and then use the data pad to input the code. You’ll find a useful item inside.

Hint 1: If you’ve been following this guide, then you definitely have the numbers. Hint 2:  Hint 3:

BBB (Left, 1st)
There’s a Cup Key door here, but first you should definitely save your game. This is the Piano Room, but let’s look around before we touch any pianos. Take the diary page, tonic, and handgun bullets. Use the music sheet on the piano and groove out.

This fight had me confused for a moment, but I came around eventually.

Wait for the boss to spawn clones, and the attack the clones with your handgun to inflict damage. The second phase involves a significant increase in ballerinas, which you ought to avoid rather than fight. Use the shotgun here, or else you’ll run out of ammo.

On your way back yell at some kids and pick up the Kitchen Key. The next stop is the Lion Hall, so go save your game for now.

(Part 4) The Finale

Lion Hall
Use the Kitchen Key … on the kitchen door. Inside will be some shotgun shells, but also a screwdriver, crossbow bolts x2,

Headless Mannequin Hall
Open the final locked door. You’ll find handgun bullets, crossbow bolts, shotgun shells. Then, go to the room with the vent and use the screwdriver.

Don’t think it, don’t say it.
Collect the crossbow bolts. Engage in some jolly old box pushing puzzles to get shotgun shells, a machine gun magazine, and a figurine.

Pig Room
Collect the slide from the pig. Take the diary page, the handgun bullets, and the machine gun magazine. There is also a tonic waiting for you by the door.

Is That Doll Alive Room
Lion Hall, next to the Marie Curie statue. Use the axe on the boards, and then head inside for the following items: machine gun magazine, first aid kit, and a puzzle.

Resident Evil pressure puzzles rock, and so does the random cable that you found. This will definitely come in handy at out most favoritest place in the game … but not quite yet.

Projector Room
BBB Left, 1st in case you forgot. Use your slide.

Rain Alley
Use the cable on the first door in Rain Alley (I think I called it steam computer hissy room?), and solve the puzzle.

With this done, grab the Ornamental Key and the diary page.

From the Big Ballerina Building head up to Quad 2. There’s a door past the fountain you can now unlock using the Ornamental Key. Once inside, collect the figurine.

Cool arena, cool fight.
The boss has a long-range move that spits fire. Stay away. In this part I trapped her on the edge of the blocks and shot her from afar. Stay at a distance, and don’t stand still.

Phase two brings in new moves. Stay behind the blocks to avoid most attacks, but you’ll need to run when she leans in and flies around the field. Get in close with the shotgun or crossbow for high damage.

After a few cut-scenes, we find ourselves at the end.

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