Exanima: Infinite Weapon and Armor Inventory Space

Exanima allows you a limited inventory space for weapons and armor, however it can be bypassed to allow you to carry as much as you’d like.

There is a limited amount of armor and weapons Exanima will allow you to carry in your inventory at once. Once you reach this limit, you cannot move one of those items into your inventory, as your cursor will become an x and it will not enter your inventory. There is a bypass for this.

1. The first and most obvious step is that you need to be at carry limit, and need an item you would like in your inventory anyways.

2. Drag the desired item directly onto your character in the inventory tab. This will automatically equip that item, unequipping whatever item that would take up the same slot on your character.

3. Simply drag the item that was just unequipped back onto your character. This will take the desired item off of your character and into your inventory. Now, your character has the same items equipped as before the glitch, and the item is now in your inventory.

You should be cautious, however, with how many items you have in your inventory at once, as I am sure at some point it will cause performance issues or crashing when opening your inventory. I mostly use this when I cannot decide what I want to remove from my inventory, or I want to save something for later but just barely have too many items. I would avoid hoarding every single piece of armor and every weapon you find to avoid this possibility, as if you do start getting crashes and errors, you might not be able to empty your inventory, essentially soft locking your save file until you die or reset it somehow.

I believe there is also a carrying limit to how many small items can be in your inventory at once, such as pouches, keys, parchments, junk, etc. However, I believe it is so high that it is not ever an issue. I am not entirely certain if you can bypass this limit or not.

By Froot Loop

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