F1® Manager 2022: How to Create or Increase Setup Confident

Here’s a Quick Guide on how to improve and how to manage the Set-Up Confident for F1 Manager 22!


Quick Description!

  • Use these steps in Free Practice Sections before Qualifying!
  • There are 5 different configuration options for Setup!
  • – Front Wing Angle!
  • – Rear Wing Angle!
  • – Anti Roll Distribution!
  • – Tyre Camber!
  • – Toe Out!
  • These settings will change the Driver Setup Confidence!
  • – Oversteer, Braking Stability, Cornering, Traction and Straights!

Driver Car and Strategy, Tyres!

  • I started my campaign with Mclaren and will improve the Setup used by Norris!
  • Recommend choosing a Hard Tire compound first, leave the Medium and Soft for later.

Driver Car and Strategy, Run Plan!

  • In Run Length choose at least 20 Laps!
  • Don’t worry about the fuel weight, you’re just here to improve the Car Handling the Knowledge of the Track and the Driver’s Confidence!
  • For that just need to complete as many laps as possible!

Driver Car and Strategy, Driving Options!

  • Here can choose a type of approach or choose later with the car on the track!

Driver Car and Strategy, Setup!

  • Start by default with the white Lines in the middle of the Bars!
  • Make adjustments or send straight to the track to see how confident the driver is!

  • Complete a few laps until the Message Box reached 5/5!
  • Then Call the Car back to the Pit Lane!

Improve Driver Setup Confidence!

  • Now after reaching 5/5 messages will get the feedback as Bad, Good, Great or Optimal!
  • Make some adjustments to the parameters in the Left Box to keep the White Line inside the Blue Bar in the Right Box where is Optical Setup Range!
  • Change the tires when they are at the end of their life, I always go for Hard first then alternate Medium and Soft!
  • I found Best Confidence Setup is the white line at the start or at end of the Blue Bars!

  • Then send the Car back to the track until the message box reaches 5/5 and call the pits!

  • Should start to see the Blue Bar getting Smaller and the Confidence Increasing!
  • This works like a Puzzle Game, keep making Small Adjustments!

  • Keep repeating these steps and the pilot’s confidence will increase!

  • In the image below it reaches 95% of Driver Confidence!!

Resume Experience!

  • Reaching a High Level of Confidence the driver will say that the Car is Good to Drive!

  • I Managed to get 97% Confidence Before Qualifying!


  • Don’t necessarily need to start in the order i showed here, for ex start with the Setup and then the Tyres and the Run Plan, but do everything before jump to the Track!
  • I found Best Confidence Setup is the white line at the start or at end of the Blue Bars!
  • Try to reach the highest level in 3 Practice Goals for better race performance!
  • – Track Acclimatisation
  • – Car Parts Knowledge!
  • – Set-Up Confidence!
  • I hope this was reliable and helpful!

By Miguel

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