Factorio: How to Use Vanilla Loaders 2021

Here is a guide on how to use the vanilla loaders without any Mods.


Let’s get it done

Go to your Factorio directory and navigate to the prototypes folder:


You will need to edit up to 3 files:

  • item.lua
  • recipe.lua
  • technology.lua

You can open them with any editor.


Use Ctrl + F to look for “loader”.
Delete the first loader entry, we don’t need two of them.

In the next step, remove the

flags = {"hidden"}

on all 3 loaders (loader, fast-loader and express-loader).

Modified entries:


Look for “loader” and remove

hidden = true

on all 3 loaders.

Modified entries:

When you don’t want them to need any research or don’t want to start a new game, use

enabled = true

otherwise save and close recipe.lua and go on to the last part.


You can add the loaders to any technology you like. I will use logistics 1-3 to get them.
Looking for the “underground-belt” is the best way to find the logistics technology.
Add this between the entries for the underground-belt and the splitter:

        type = "unlock-recipe",
        recipe = "loader"

Use the same method to add the fast- and express-loaders.

Modified entries:

By Masaru

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