Farming Simulator 22: Easter Eggs in Elmcreek Map

A list of the Easter Eggs I’ve found in the map Elmcreek.


A Quick Note

This guide does NOT focus on the wooden toys or their locations. That subject has already been discussed to death, so I’m doing something different instead.

Easter Eggs

The basement of the starter farm’s barn has a model of the map in it.
The starter farm’s equipment shed has an attic. Inside, there is a hammock with a basketball in it, so you can use the basketball hoop on the wall of the equipment shed.
The gas station across from the starter farm contains ads for “Lux Lite” and “Bella Lite”, both of their names and logos being similar to real-life beer companies. It also has an ad for “FizzySprizz XTREEM”, which is a recurring drink brand in the¬†Farming Simulator¬†series.

The toy store has a “Toys Astray!” poster, which explains why the toys are scattered around in the first place.

In the middle of the map is what appears to be a partially-abandoned farm. However, it has a corn maze, complete with some funny rules, such as “No cussing – remember the corn has ears!”.

During the winter season, lots of snowmen are placed everywhere around the map, often in funny or interesting positions.

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