Fishing Planet: Rocky Lake Guide

Guide for how to catch all species on Rocky Lake


First set

Rod: OmniFloat 450
Reel: CallistoMG 2500
Braid: 0.15mm (minimum)
Hooks: #8
Bait: Red Worms, Semolina Balls, Small Minnows

Second set

Rod: ValueSpin 190
Reel: CallistoMG 2500
Braid: 0.15mm (minimum)
Spoon: 7g #1/0
Recommended Spoon(for extra XP): Barbless Narrow Spoon 7g #1/0 (any color)

You can catch all fishes on this spot

Time & Weather
For all the fishes you can set your time where the sun is the highest and where the water temperature is the hottest

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