Fishing Planet: Mudwater River Guide

Guide for how to catch all species on Mudwater River


First set

Rod: OmniFloat 450
Reel: CallistoMG 2500
Braid: 0.15mm (minimum)
Hooks: #8
Bait: Worms

Second set

Rod: ValueSpin 190
Reel: CallistoMG 2500
Braid: 0.15mm (minimum)
Spoon: 7g #1/0
Jig head: 5g #1/0 + Shad 5cm (for Freshwater Drum)

Locations are pretty straight forward
For most fishes you can fish(with first set) on “Last Songs Of Summer

To catch a pike/pickerel you can fish(with second set) on “Pike Challenge

To catch catfish you can fish(with first and second set) on “Catfish Heaven

Time and weather
For all the fishes you can set your time where the sun is the highest and where the water temperature is the hottest

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