Forza Horizon 5: Festival Playlist Guide

Every month in Forza Horizon 5 is met with a new Series, and every Series is split into 4 weeks of Seasonal Playlist Festivals where you can complete challenges to earn rare cars, clothing, horns or credits.
They’re named seasons because they also alter the weather in the game, with the freeroam map changing from Summer (Wet season), Autumn (Storm Season), Winter (Dry Season), Spring (Hot season).
The Festival Playlist can be accessed from the Pause menu or from My Festival menu in Garage, and it’s also the first thing you see when you log in. Here’s what it contains:


Season Progress

Shows the 2 rewards available this week and the amount of points you have. You can earn points by completing other challenges and once you have enough you can click to receive one or both rewards. Points from each week add up to the Series Progress where you can again receive 2 other bigger rewards. After the series is done, the points reset and a new progress begins.

Forzathon Weekly Challenge

In this challenge you will need to use the specified car and do 4 tasks, named chapters. You can scroll through the 4 to see what they entail but you must do them in order. Once you finish all 4 of them, your reward will be 5 Season Points and 160 Forzathon Points.

Forzathon Daily Challenges

These are smaller tasks that you receive daily and can be done with any car unless specified otherwise. They reward you with 1 Season Point and 20 Forzathon Points each. By now you must be wondering what even are Forzathon Points, so let’s talk about that.

Forzathon Shop

You can spend your Forzathon Points in the Forzathon Shop, accesible through the Playlist Festival or through the Buy & Sell menu in your Garage. Just like the festival rewards, the shop contains rare cars, clothing, horns, wheelspins, with new items every week.

Season Events

Next are a series of challenges usually themed for whichever season is currently on that week. The challenges here are as follows:

Horizon Arcade

Go online, check the map and see if there are any Horizon Arcade events going on. They happen every 15 minutes and are Speed, Chaos, Drift, Air, Wreckage themed. Each arcade has 3 rounds of said tasks that you need to complete in 10 minutes total. Completing this challenge gives you 3 Season Points but every arcade you do also gives you 10 Forzathon Points (or 20 if you own the house that doubles forzathon points) for every round completed.

The Trial

Usually considered as the most difficult challenge of the Season, it consists of a team-based championship between players and Unbeatable AI where you must win 2 of the 3 races using the specified type of car and PI class (Performance Index, going from D100 to X999). To check these requirements you must press the “toggle car restrictions and rewards” button at the bottom of the screen. It’s a good idea to prepare your car before starting the trial, here’s how: 

After checking the requirement we see that for this trial we need an A class Super Saloon car. We go to our garage, hit the Filter button at the bottom of the screen and pick only the Super Saloon type of cars. If you don’t see this option in filters don’t worry, that just means you don’t own a Super Saloon car, so instead go to Autoshow and buy one from there. You can also pick a lower class Super Saloon and tune it up to A class. We’re going to tune the car regardless so it’s in top shape, go to Upgrades & Tuning menu and Find Tuning Setups. Here you can pick tunes shared by other players. Since our trial consists of class A road races, hit the Search button and select Performance Class A. The tunes will be sorted automatically by popularity so the first ones are usually the best. In time you will recognize the good tuners by their name but for this example we’re going to pick a tune with road, street or seasonal in title.
Download & Install it and you’re good to go. In races against bots there’s no wall collision penalties so don’t be ashamed to use the walls or rails to your advantages or to ram the bots (they have no feelings), just don’t be a nuisance to other players. Completing The Trial gives you 10 Season Points and whatever reward it’s on that week (for this trial we had the Snowman Outfit).

Seasonal Playground Games

My personal least favorite challenge. You can’t even call it a challenge because you don’t need to win it to receive the reward, just need to participate. It consists of a PG championship where 2 teams of players compete in games such Flag Rush, King, Infection. Descriptions for each game appear on screen whenever you start one so I won’t go into detail, also car requirements apply here as well. Completing it will give you 3 Season Points and a reward.

PR Stunts

 Next we have 3 challenges, each consisting of a Danger Sign, Trailblazer, Speed Zone, Speed Trap, or Drift Zone stunt that needs to be done in freeroam. As with all Season Events you can also see them on map, where it shows the car requirement and reward. Seasonal Stunts also have a sign marked with the season’s icon that shows you result you need in order to complete it. Each stunt awards you with 2 Season Points and a wheelspin.

Seasonal Championships

Three championships that can be done either Solo against bots, Co-op or PvP. They require you to do 3 races and at the end place 1st in the championship. Playing against bots will automatically set them to Highly Skilled difficulty in those races. If it seems too difficult, try tuning your chosen car the same way I said in The Trial. You can only start 1 championship at a time and car requirements also apply here. Completing each championship gives you 5 Season Points and a reward.

Horizon Tour

The last Season Event challenge is similar to The Trial, where you team up with other players to race against bots, but this time the AI is on easier difficulty. Once you hit start you will be taken to select a Tour that changes every minute. Each Tour has different car requirements and races, but you won’t have time to properly tune, so you need to pick whatever fits best from your garage. Completing this challenge gives you 3 Season Points.


These tasks also change every week but usually have smaller rewards. They consists of:

  • Treasure Hunt – Complete the treasure clue, get the treasure indicator on map, find the treasure, get 50.000 credits and 3 Season Points.
  • Photo Challenge – Using Photo Mode, take a picture of the required car in the required zone. You might need to find the correct angle if the photo doesn’t register the place. Completing it gives you 2 Season Points and a reward.
  • Horizon Open – Complete the task while playing Horizon Open. To enter Horizon Open, go to pause menu > Online > Horizon Open, and pick whichever mode you need. You get 2 Season Points and 25.000 credits for this.
  • The Eliminator – Finish at least on place 30th to receive 2 Season Points and 50.000 credits. You enter The Eliminator by going to Horizon Open menu.
  • Collectibles– The most random challenge here, usually requires you to smash some objects. Completing it gives you 3 Season Points and a reward.

Monthly Events

Monthly Rivals

As the name suggests, these events are for the duration of the whole Series and you need to do a clean lap in the given circuit using the given car. Not much to say here, it’s very easy and gives you 4 Season Points upon completion.

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