Gate of Nightmares: All Chracters Tier List (Best Chracters Recommended)

Here is a guide on how to choose the best characters as well as a full list of all characters in Gate of Nightmares.



Gate of Nightmares Strongest character Tier Lists

SS Elena MariaLumina
S MayfanTomAllenOlivia
A AbigailEstio

Recommended Characters (SS Rank)

Evaluation of Elena Maria

Elena Maria is a tank, but it usually has excellent attack speed and range, and it is easy to generate firepower.

Also, because the tank has a high HP, it tends to have a high strength, so it is also an advantage that it is easy to exceed the recommended strength.

Lumina rating

Lumina is a healing healer with both mystery and switch skills.

At present, the need for recovery is small, but as the content progresses, it is highly likely that recovery will become more important, so we are evaluating it with future potential.


Gate of Nightmares All character Tier Lists

SSR character list

Character feature
Abigail Abigail SSR / Heat attribute / Attacker / Sword
Allen Allen SSR / heat attribute / supporter / staff
Estio Estio SSR / Sea attribute / Attacker / Two-handed sword
Mayfan Mayfan SSR / Sea Attribute / Attacker / Fighting
Mercaria Mercaria SSR / Earth Attribute / Attacker / Fighting
Tom Tom SSR / Earth Attribute / Healer / Staff
Lumina Lumina SSR / heat attribute / healer / staff
Leonis Leonis SSR / Heat attribute / Supporter / Short bow
Marou Marou SSR / sea attribute / tank / hammer
Euphoria Euphoria SSR / sea attribute / supporter / saber
Olivia Olivia SSR / Ground Attribute / Supporter / Staff
Elena Maria Elena Maria SSR / Earth attribute / Tank / One-handed sword

SR character list

Character feature
Barcellio Thermal attribute
Cider Thermal attribute
Barthus Earth attribute
Oristole Earth attribute
Luka Earth Attribute / Attacker / Hammer
jasmine Earth attribute

R character list

Character feature
Azel Heat attribute / attacker / short sword
Emma Earth Attribute / Attacker / Composite Bow
Merle Sea attribute / healer / staff
Nord Thermal attribute / attacker / wand
Ronya Earth attribute

List of characters with unknown rarity

Character feature
Oliver Earth attribute / supporter / saber
G-Gile Earth attribute / tank / hammer
Elena Maria Earth Attribute / Tank / Short Sword

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