Gate of Nightmares: Nightmare List & Recipes

It is a list of nightmare of Getomea (Gate of Nightmare). Listed by grade, such as how to obtain Nightmare (monster) and how to mix it. Please help us to capture Getomea.


Drop Nightmare List

nightmare grade how to get
Dragon baby I drop
Licorice dog II drop
Maganeko I drop
Etejiro II drop
Hibiscupy Rodeo II drop
Angelina II drop
Yukikaze II drop
Dokoku I drop
Hibiscuppy I drop
Candy candle II drop
Golden melted I drop
Arashiguma II drop
Dot Riquelan II drop
Kimaru I drop
Monk Keroron I drop
Emerald II drop
Aloe dog II drop

List of compounded nightmare

nightmare grade how to get
Lava in love I Aloe dog + monk Keroron
Tsuraraguma IV Arashiguma + Spot Riquelan
Wakabaguma V Tsuraraguma + Point Riquelan
Yukiwari Santa IV Priest Geckos + Yukikaze
Misole IV Great priest Gekorou + Yukikaze
Yukiwari V Yukiwari Santa + Misole
Archbishop Gama III Monk Keroron + Emerald
Priest Geckos III Monk Keroron + Yukikaze
Great Priest Gekorou III Monk Keroron + Yukikaze
Ophelia V Misole + Tsuraraguma
Elizabeth V Tsuraraguma + Yukiwari Santa
Sick III Angelina + Yukikaze
Meso Meso III Etejiro + Yukikaze
Enen IV Shikusiku + Meso Meso
Moonstone III Emerald + Etejiro
Topaz IV Moonstone + Etehiko
Carbunclo V Topaz + Ketcat
Panther Elegy IV Moonstone + Aomaru
Technopardo V Panther Elegy + Boa Vajra
Panther blues VI Technopardo + Boa Moss
Eteco V Eteske + Ketcat
Nekoshi V Ketcat + Topaz
Lilippy rodeo V Chulippy Rodeo + Etesque
Ketcat IV Green cat + moonstone
Eteske IV Etehiko + Green Cat
Chulippy Rodeo IV Vio Leppy Rodeo + Etehiko
Green cat III Maganeko + Hibiscuppy Rodeo
Etehiko III Etejiro + Maganeko
Vio Leppy Rodeo III Hibiscuppy + Etejiro
Saltobi V Chulippy Rodeo + Etesque
Pharaoh Wolf V Lilippy + Chulippy Rodeo
Lilippy IV Chulippy + Bioreppy
Vio Leppy III Hibiscupy Rodeo + Etejiro
Chulippy III Maganeko + Etejiro
Tanumuru V Momomaru + melted
Leopatriceratops V Point Riquelan + Momomaru
Boa Moss V Boa Vajra + Point Riquelan
Momomaru IV Aomaru + Lava of Light
Point Riquelan IV Spot Riquelan + Aomaru
Boa Vajra IV Light Lava + Spot Riquelan
Spot orchid III Dot Riquelan + Kimaru
Aomaru III Candy candle + Kimaru
Melted IV Candle Akuma + Light Lava
Lava of light III Candy candle + love lava
Candle akuma III Candy candle + golden melted wax
Lava V Maple dog + wind lava
Drago Kid V Drago Junior + Maple Dog
Wind lava IV Light Lava + Spot Riquelan
Maple dog IV Rose dog + light lava
Drago Junior IV Drago Mini + Rose Dog
Rose dog III Licorice dog + candy candle
Drago Mini III Drago Baby + Licorice Dog

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