Ghost Song: Achievements Guide 100%

Playing on ‘Original Difficulty’ is required in order to be able to get all achievements.
Minium playthroughs to get All Achievements: 2

All achievements will be listed and the information on how to get them.
A full list of all Modules and items will also be added.
Will try to add icons for each achievement.


Story Achievements – Can’t be missed

You’re Not Alone
– Arrive at the crash site.

Part One
– Help to repair Gambler.
Found behind Henriette Scuttle in the Junkpit

Part Two
– Help to repair Gambler again.
Found at the top of Rote-Shotter

Part Three
– Bring a third part to Gambler.
Found deep inside Six-Finger Woods

Part Four
– Continue to assist in the repair of Gambler
Found to the left of Junkpit in Roslock Drift Gamme behind Henriette Scuttle’s refight.

Part Five
Once again, help to repair Gambler.
Final part is found in theflooded Stumbledeep, behind the boss fight Vek.

Ready To Fly
– Fully repair Gambler.

The Poet
– Defeat Kika.
Kika is found in the Huttle Drop – Gives you Boost Boots

The Learned Hunter
– Defeat Henriette…
Henriette Scuttle is found at the bottom of Junkpit – Part One behind her.

The Changed One
– Defeat Henriette again.
This time she’s found at Roslock Drift Gamme – Part 4 behind her.

The Red Blob
– Defeat Vek.
Found just before the final Ship Part down in Stumbledeep

Please Sit Down
– Defeat a Big Bot.
Found behind the Red Door in Stoffbloom, inside Lesker-Eight Laboratory.

Safely Away
– Help your friends escape.

– Complete the game on Original difficulty

Missable and Questline Achievements

Slow Down
– Have a chat with “Relic”.
I believe this is available after turning in Ship Part 4. She’s found to the left of “Belle The Wanderer” in Lupoto. She will also give you a “Pebble of Perspective” which is important for another Achievement.

The Cut Machine
– Visit The Cut Machine.
This is directly tied to ‘Slow Down’ just above. You need the “Pebble of Perspective”. Once you have it head to the Crash Site and start climbing the wall on the right. Keep climbing past the cave all the way to the top. Use the “Pebble of Perspective” from your inventory. Then shut down up there and wait. Go through the cutscene and the achievement is yours at the end of it.

Molly The Artist (Missable)
– Recieve a special gift from Molly
Molly’s questline is the easiest one. Simply talk to her over and over again each time you come to the Crash Site. Make sure to deplete here dialouges until she repeats the same thing over and over.
After handing in the final Ship Part she will be outside Gambler and speaking to her will give you her gift.

Clawing At The Roots Of A Cosmic Order (Missable)
– Get to know Saymund
For this you need to find Saymund at various locations, usually near corpses, throughout the world.
I don’t know the exact locations required for the achievement, but these are the ones I did, in the orrder below.
-After delivering Ship Part 1 (maybe 2?) Whenever he shows up at the Crash Site the first time.
1. Start his questline by talking to him at the Crash Site when he appears to the right after waking up.
2. In Lupoto, directly next to the entrance to Roslock Drift Alpha, where you get ‘Motivator’ (Sprint).
3. At Ekman’s Crossing, before the cleaved tree. (Requires Wall Climb, can be found after delivering Ship Part 3 as well)
-After delivering Ship Part 3.
4. At the Crash Site, to the left of Bill.
5. At the locked Red Door/Barrier in Stoffbloom.
6. In Junkpit, in the room above where you found Hulking Fist.
7. In Stumbledeep, jsut before you jump into the water.
-After delivering Ship Part 4 (maybe even as early as 3?)
8. In Roslock Drift Beta, where you find the Magma Spear.

Familiar (MIssable)
– Spend time with Pasha
Talk to Pasha every time you visit the Crash Site and deliver a Ship Part, deplete her dialouges each time.
After delivering Ship Part 3, speak with Pasha at the Crash Site until you’ve depleted her dialouges. She should mention her sister.
Go to Stoffbloom, and drop down, keeping going down on the left side until you have to go to a room to the right. Here’s a destroyable part on the ground. Jump down and dash over the gap to the left. Pasha should be in here next to a crashed Pod. Talk to her multiple times to unlock the Achievement.

Extra Locations: (Unsure if they are required or not)
1. Crash Site
2. After delivering Ship Part 1. Crash Site.
3. To the right of where the Game Starts, in Lupoto.
4. Still in Lupoto, at the ‘Relic’ to the left ot Belle The Wanderer.
5 .After delivering Part 3 (?) at the first room of Stoffbloom going from the Crash Site.
6. ??? I believe I’ve seen here at Sap-Stone, but I dont have any saved screenshot of it.

It was An Accident (Missable)
– Help Gili.
1. Gili is first found where the Game Starts, in Lupoto, but only after delivering a Ship Part (or 2).
2. Her next location is found at Ekman’s Crossing after delivering Ship Part 2.
3. Going here first removes her from location 2. At the bottom of Sap-Stone next to a corpse.
4. After delivering Ship Part 3, she will be found at the top of Sap-Stone.
5. Deal with Hector the the split tree in Ekman’s Crossing.
6. Return to the top of Sap-Stone to get your reward. (Might need to deliver another Ship Part before she gives it to you).

Retired Explorer (Can be done after completing the game, but might result in missing ‘Good Friends’)
– Say goodbye to Mutt.
1. Mutt is found at Roslock Drift Alpha, which is directly left of where the “Motivator” (Sprint) item is.
You can reach it before going to the Crash site, but it’s easier once you have Double Jump.
2. After delivering Ship Part 2 (or 1 if you got to him early). He will be to the right of the Crash Site inside Stoffbloom. Deplete his dialouges until he says to meet him in the tunnels.
3. After saving/quit and save/deliviring the next Ship Part. He will be found in Roslock Drift Alpha once again. This time quite a bit deeper in. If you recall seeing a peculiar yellow wall blocking your way, he has opened the path up and is waiting for you inside.
4. After saving/quit and save/deliviring the next Ship Part. Mutt will be at Roslock Drfit Gamma, which is to the left of the Junkpit, on the way towards Ship Part 4. Say your goodbyes.

Good Friends (Missable)
– Get to know the crew.
Currently don’t have enough information as to exactly what is needed for this one. I did all of the below.
Complete all Questlines: Retired Explorer, It Was An Accident, Familiar, Clawing At The Roots Of A Cosmic Order.
Should be given to you when speaking to Roper after returning the Final Ship Part and Molly has given you her gift.

Maybe It Was Too Easy (Missable)
– Complete the game without dying.
Needs to be done on NG (NG+ doesnt work). Works on Explorer difficulty!

Make Haste (Missable)
– Finish the game in under 3 hours.
Gotta go fast. Works on Explorer difficulty!

Misc Achievements

The Crusher
– Defeat Dolly.
Dolly can be found in several different locations
Three which are currently known:At the top left of Blake’s Stroll (top left from Coburn Launcher). Requires Double Jump and to go through Rote-Shotter. Or Wall Climb if going up the leftside wall from Coburn Launcher.

Old Singer
– Defeat Old Singer.
She’s found in Six-Finger Woods. You can return here whenever you want. I suggest using the room on the very top of this zone as it’s fairly easy to reset and has a large area for you to fight in. She will escape multiple times but her life should be preserved so that you can fight her again by just leaving the room and coming back.
This might be a DPS check as it seems she stops appearing after escaping several times.Being able to deal 25-33% of her Health per encounter is probably ideal. Skab Device and Blobs works quite well against her.
Reward: Suit Module – Whislte Shock

The Ogre
– Defeat Elsom
Elsom is located inside the Junkpit on the upper half of the zone, blocking your path to a Big Bot and Save location.
Rewards: Suit Module – Ogre Device

The Cracked Engineer
– Defeat Kellunhelk
Found in the Junkpit, above and to the right of Henriette’s fight. In order for the boss to spawn you need either a Ship Part on your back or the item Curious Gizmo (bought at Mabec’s Shop). I suggest the second one as the fight can be rough.
Suit Module – Berseker Device
Hazard Blade – In the room to the left. Altough defeating the boss isnt neccessary to reach grab it.

Bug Slayer
– Destroy many Roslock creatures in the pit.
The Pit is found at Roslock Drift Alpha, just next to the yellow door, that Mutt opens up during his Questline, is a breakable part below your feet, this path leads to “The Pit”.
While inside “The Pit”, kill about 30 of the enemies that spawn. You CAN NOT leave! Stay at the very bottom or the counter resets.
These enemies also drop two Suit modules ‘Hardened Shell’ and ‘Volatile Shell’.
My setup to survive:
Blob-Bloom H (for easy overheat)
Painwheel (attack while overheat active, makes the Roslock back off rather than jump at you)
Any Melee damage boost you can fit.

You Monster!
-Destroy many innocent creatures.
You can find some of these creatures at your first visit to Stoffbloom, it’s the small blue creatures with a pink/red eye. Unsure how many you need to kill.

Many Enemies
– Defeat many enemies.
Just keep killing stuff.

– Reach level 30.
This is doable on NG, but if you didnt reach it you will easily do it during NG+ if you choose to do another playthrough.
If you don’t want to go on NG+ and need a bunch of NanoGel you can always use any of the NanoGel farming locations.
The infinite respawns in the waters of Junkpit,
The infinite respawns at The Pit in Roslock Drift Alpha
The Blobs just above Norberg Laboratory in Lupotu.

Bit Bots
– Locate many Big Bots
1. Norberg Laboratory (in the middle of Lupoto)
2. Stoffbloom
3. Huttle Drop
4. Junkpit
5. Stumbledeep
6. Ekman’s Crossing

The Voice From The Elevator
– Reach Mabec
The elevator is located in Norberg Laboratory. There’s a few ways you can reach her depending on wether the elevator is on the bottom or the top.
Elevator on top: Wall Climb on the left side of the shaft and hold left.
Elevator on bottom: Requires breakable walls to have been destroyed first so that you can enter Norberg Laboratory from the top. From there you can simply jump and dash to the left and hold left as you fall
Reward: A shop with useful modules and various items.

Flower Girl
– Show off with flowers.
This is done next to Mabec. You need the Blaster Module Flowersong. Shot the ground with it until a flower grows.

Party Trick
– Do a killer Painwheel juggle.
Equip Painwheel, attack with your melee and jump over it as is comes back. Keep it looping around you that way for about 10 seconds.

Very Important
– Push the large piece of junk down the hill.
This is done at the top of Junkpit, just before you enter Roslock Drift Gamma. Behind the breakable wall with blue Butterflies in the background, you can dash into it going to the left to push it a bit, or you can use the Blaster Module ‘The Sprinkler’ to shoot at it and push bit for bit.

– Find Charley.
Charley is found at the end of Ekman’s Crossing. To get there you need to do some tight jumping over a big gap and around a corner.

Crossing the gap at the Big Bot:
+3 Mid Air Jumps + Dash
+2 Mid AIr Jumps + Dash + Hulking Fist
Jumping around the corner:
+3 Mid Air Jumps + Dash + Sprint + Wall Climb (+2 Mid Air Jumps is enough, but much harder)
Sprint – Jump – Dash – Jump – (Jump a third time) – Turn right – Wall Climb

Feeling Better
– Heal yourself many times.
Don’t have exact number on how many times but it’s a bunch. Maybe 100 times? I got it during NG+ so the stats carry over.

Feeling Healthy
– Obtain many Healing Cores.
Find all the Healing Cores.
There’s 8 of them per playthrough, you can have a maximum of 10 if you go into NG+. But 8 is all you need for the achievement.
1. Belle The Wanderer – Found at the start of the game, just keep going to the right across gaps and rooms until you find the mini-boss. Defeating the mini-boss yields a Healing Core
2. Also found inside Lupoto, normaly after you get the ‘Motivator’ (Sprint) item. But can be gained directly after the first core if you destroy a wall on the left side of the drop down from Norbger Big Bot room. If you jump just as you fall of the ledge you will be able to reach the platform that leads to the room with the core being inside a corpse in the water.
3. Found inside Roslock Drift Beta, on your very first trip through here you can find it at the first room you enter at the top left.
4. In the first room going down from Core #3 there’s another path to the left with a bunch of enemies. Kill them all and find the core at the far end.
5. Found in the room to the right of Stoffbloom Big Bot room in the zone called Sap-Stone, its at the top left.
6. Behind a breakable wall in Huttle Drop, available before fighting Kika The Poet.
7. Far down inside the Junkpit, in a hidden cave found above and before the Henriette fight.
8. Bought from the vendor Bill at the Crash Site.

– Obtain many weapons.
Find all “Melee” weapons
1. Your starting weapon
2. Magma Spear – Found at the top of Roslock Drift Beta. Available at the start of the game.
3. Hulking Fist – Found as you enter Junkpit for the first time.
4. Hazard Blade – Found in a room next to Kellunhelk The Cracked Engineer (killing/spawning boss is not required)
5. Painwheel – Found in Six-Finger Woods, below the small spiky platforms you need to jump on to get across.
6. Hypersledge – Reward from Mutt’s Questline. Found in Roslock Drift Gamma, next to Mutt.
7. Hudson Goodshot – Reward from Gili’s Questline. Given to you at the top of Sap-Stone after you dealt with Hector.
8. Blast Shield – Bill’s Shop, 200 NanoGel
9. Dolly – Mabec’s Shop, 1500 NanoGel

Fully Equipped
– Obatin many modules
Find all modules, both Blaster and Suit. There’s 39 of them in total. List in the next section.

Extra Section for Modules

Listed as rows from top to bottom and numbered from left to right.
Name – Location

Blaster Modules:
Row 1:
1. Cloudburst Rifle – Lupoto, dropped by “Liselle Tal – The Lost Hunter”
2. Scatterburst – Bill’s Shop, 1000 NanoGel
3. Chill Crumbler – Six-Finger Woods, dropped by “Bradley Wells – Tellrui Mining Company”
4. Skel Planter – Mabec’s Shop, 1000 NanoGel
5. Firefly – Mabec’s Shop, 5000 NanoGel
6. Skab Device – Rote-Shotter, at the top all the way to the left.

Row 2:
1. Flowersong – Stoffbloom, dropped by “Spikemouth – The Hateful”
2. Plasma Burner – Lupoto, dropped by “Leggett – The Deserter”
3. Coburn Launcher – Blake’s Stroll, after reaching the Crash Site, walk left. Can’t be missed.
4. Blob-Bloom – Lupoto, dropped by “Fome – The Green Blob”
5. Blob-Bloom H – Stumbledeep, dropped by “Vek – The Red Blob”
6. The Sprinkler – Roslock Drift Alpha, past the “gauntlet”, next to a corpse.

Suit Modules:
Row 1:
1. Heart of Fire – Roslock Drift Alpha, only obtainable by doing Mutt’s Questline, at the far end of the gauntles encounter with him
2. Heart of Strength – Crash Site, in a cave climbing the wall on the right.
3. Heart of Steadiness – Mabec’s Shop, 1250 NanoGel
4. Clutcher – Huttle Drop, in a hidden cave inside a hidden cave, near the npc Slovenmuck
5. Five-Fingers – Blake’s Stroll, the light green area connected, dropped by “Elias – The Head Breaker”
6. Nano Boost – Roslock Drift Beta, in the bottom right room.
7. Berserker Device – Junkpit, dropped by “Kellunhelk – The Cracked Engineer”, requires Curious Gizmo (from Mabec’s Shop)
8. Distant Star – Bill’s Shop, 1000 NanoGel
9. Molly’s Tweak – Crash Site, given by Molly after depleting her dialouges each time you get there and delivered 2 Ship Parts.

Row 2:
1. HeatHawk – Lupoto, found in the room to the right of “Fome – The Green Blob”
2. Backlash – Norberg Laboratory, the dark green part, top right room.
3. Ogre Device – Junkpit, dropped by “Elsom – The Ogre”
4. Summer-Step – Sap-Stone, dropped by “Devilwink – The Vanished” (Secret Encounter: She’s invisible at first, then runs away, follow her up one level and a fight will start)
5. Gunner’s Harmony – Mabec’s Shop, 800 NanoGel
6. Ramstone Decoy-Dash – Lupoto, given by “Rime” after delivering Ship Part 4
7. Fishmaster’s Glow – Lupoto, dropped by “Gumbelly – The Heavy Hand”, and/or by the smaller blue humanoind enemies.
8. Lord’s Insight – Bill’s Shop, 1000 NanoGel
9. Extra Jump – Mabec’s Shop, 3500 NanoGel

Row 3:
1. Liferun – Six-Finger Woods, top most room, all the way to the left.
2. Flower-Step – Rote-Shotter, dropped by humanoid enemies, or the white bugs?
3. Whistle Shock – Six-Finger Woods, top most room, Kill Old Singer
4. Adam’s Tweak – Lupoto, in the room at the far bottom and far left.
5. Suntouch – Roslock Drift Gamma, dropped by “Henriette Scuttle – The Changed One”
6. Robotic Heart – Huttle Drop, below where you find the npc “Lua”
7. Frenzied Shell – Roslock Drift Beta, dropped by Roslock enemies, bottom right room.
8. Volatile Shell – Roslock Drift Alpha, dropped by Roslock “Crabs” in “The Pit”
9. Hardened Shell – Roslock Drift Alpha, dropped by Roslock “Crabs” in “The Pit”

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