Ghost Song: How to Farm Nano Cells Easily

This guide is for the lazy people who don’t want to roam the map to farm NanoCells.


Method #1 (Junk-Pit)


– Five Fingers

– Nano Boost


– Main Blaster, nothing really extra required (Must have at least some relatively effective GunPower Stats)


– Junk-Pit


1- Stand in the Oil Puddle (Picture Below)
2- Keep using your main blaster to shoot robots that spawn in (Infinite)
3- Profit! (Might be a bit slow, but keep it running for a while and come back to big nano cell gains

Where exactly?

(On Map)


Nano cells allow you to purchase extra modules from different vendors (Refrain from mentioning here to avoid spoilers).

It is also not easy to come buy (in Original Difficulty, at least). This way you can farm some big chunk of them, buy whatever you need and proceed to have fun and get those secret rooms in the map!

FYI: This is NOT for beginners, as in, people who just started the game. You need at least Junk-Pit discovered to do this method.


Either keep holding attack button yourself, or setup a macro that does it for you.

By Vel

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