Ghostrunner: Build Ideas (Project_Hel DLC)

Just some build ideas for players who don’t want to spend years trying to figure out how to fit desired upgrades into the new upgrade grid.



I divided this guide into two parts:
– “A” builds where I try to get all the special Rage nodes
– “B” builds where I completely ignore them.

It’s entirely up to you if you consider the special Rage nodes to be valuable or not.

These builds are far from perfect, but they should get the job done.

“A” Build Ideas

1.) Basic build
2.) Deflect build
3.) Surge build
4.) CQB build

“B” Build Ideas

1.) Spam Surge build
2.) CQB build
3.) CQB build 2
4.) Rage build
5.) Surge build
6.) Bakunin speedrun build

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