Golden Light: All Endings Guide

A guide on how to get all 5 endings on this game



In this guide I will only cover how to get the endings without diving too deep on the game, while avoiding spoilers as much as possible.

When talking about Mementos I will be refering to the wiki

And when talking about names or locations I will be refering to this map.

Dog Ending

Meat Dog
Enter the Field Room on MEATZONE

The easiest one by far.
Obtained by going through a door, found by mining straight out of the level.

The easiest way to dig is with the Red-Eyed memento, it allows you to shoot a laser with no cost or durability.

Neutral Ending

Meat Shlong
Enter the Torture Room on MEATZONE

The easiest to get by accident.
Complete all 7 biomes on any order then go through the door in level -21.

Pacifist Ending

Meat Child
Enter the White Room on MEATZONE

Pretty self explanatory ending and not at the same time. Don’t kill anything DIRECTLY

Basically you have to reach Floor -21 and open the door without changing the line in the Whispers page from “In that dream I slept in mother’s hugs”.

There are many ways you can kill and many you shouldn’t.
Things you can use to kill:

  • Pets (Mementos (There are 4))
  • Left-Hand Trowables
  • Hand Traps
  • Status Effect Traps
  • Cult Status cloud
  • Wall Eater memento (Yes, the walls count as kills)

Things you can’t use to kill:
– Weapons
– Mementos

  • Red-Eyed
  • Huge Chin
  • Nose with teeth
  • Hypochondriac
  • Let it die!
  • Nervous Hunk (Not sure but I wouldn’t risk it)

More stuff worth knowing:
-Do NOT kill the first enemy on Level 0 (tutorial)
-Get a map ASAP and hold onto it at all times
-With the Infected Meat memento you can apply Regeneration to your map. Hit yourself to heal.
-Don’t try to heal with the map while having another status effect on you.
-There are enough keys on boss floors to progress without killing the boss
-You can easily outrun every boss with the Dog memento, consider getting beforehand on the Field
-Bait enemies into floor traps or into your pets but don’t bait your pets into floor traps
-This guy is your best friend for this run.

Please let me know if I’m wrong on anything or something gets updated.

Val Ending

Meat Val
Enter the Val Room on Meat Zone

Big Dollar Money ending
Give 1000 gold to Val in the Infinite Mode.

Now Frequent Asked Questions:
– Who is Val?

This handsome individual playing the piano.
You need to kill the meat thing called Royal controling him.
(Hard to miss due to the black particles)


– How do I get 1000 gold?

Kill these mushrooms on The Field, exit to menu, kill them again. If your rep with The Gut gets too low just hit yourself with something.
Getting more gold is very recommended because you will get robbed on your way to Val


– Where is the Infinite Mode

You get there after beating 3 levels of the Library (Typewriter)
Val will always be behind the elevator after every level

Murder Ending

Meat Killer
Enter the Murder Room on MEATZONE

The easiest to miss by accident.

To get this ending you need to kill all 8 bosses DIRECTLY.
Which is easier said than done, because it requires a specific order so it doesn’t block you from other floors.

There are a couple possible orders but the easiest is:
-1. Gut Corridors
-2. Meat Factory
-3. Cages (You have to die on The Field to get here, DW you keep all your stuff)
-4. Backstreets
-5. Meatwoods
-6. Library (Typewriter)
-7. The Reds
-8. The Insides. (You should get here directly after completing The Reds, without going back to The Field.)

Now, what do I mean by DIRECTLY?

Basically, you have to deal the last hit of damage to the boss to claim the kill.
You can check this in your “Whispers” page, the name of the boss you just killes should appear there.

In the case you don’t get the Whisper after killing the boss, go back to the Main Menu and re-enter the save.
Now the floor resets and you can try to kill it again.

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