Granny: All Item Spawn Locations

In this guide I will tell you every location that each item can spawn, for all 5 of the item rotations in the current version of the game.


General Spawning

These items are always put here, regardless of preset numbers.

Screwdriver—Main Room-Shelf-Tin Can

Crossbow / Tranquilizer Darts—Weapon Safe

Ammunition (note that the ammunition only will spawn once the Shotgun is assembled with the exception in the Garage)—Garage, TV Table, Bedroom 1-Drawer and Special Room-Static Table

Grey Vase—Starting Bedroom-Table

Shotgun—Garage(when the shotgun parts are assembled).

Blue Vase—Jail-Shelf

Teddy—Hidden Closet

Pepper Spray—Stair Closet

Freeze Trap—Sewer Cell

Note—Hidden Room

Painting Pieces

These don’t apply to preset numbers, and are randomly put in these places. (e.g. Painting Piece #1 could spawn on the Secret Area Entrance – Static Table on Preset #1, but the next time Preset #1 is chosen, it is in the Bathtub)

1 Bathtub, Secret Area Entrance – Static Table, Secret Area Middle Floor – Shelf
2 Study – Wardrobe, Study – Armchair, Attic Tunnel
3 Kitchen – Cupboard 1, Kitchen – Counter top, Dining Table
4 Bedroom 1 – Shelf, Basement – Boxes, Stair Closet

Preset #1

Master Key—Car – Trunk
Cutting Pliers—Bedroom 2 – Left Drawer
Padlock Key—Screwdriver Safe
Padlock Code—Kitchen – Cupboard 5
Battery—Secret Area Top Floor – Left Drawer
Safe Key—Jail Ventilator
Weapon Key—Cogwheel Safe
Melon—Shed – Table
Winch Handle—Sewer Cell – Next to Skeleton
Playhouse Key—Melon
Orange Cogwheel—Microwave
Red Cogwheel—Baby Room – Right Drawer
Car Key—Safe
Special Key—Kitchen – Locker
Meat—Kitchen – Cupboard 4
Buttstock—Hidden Closet
Trigger—Kitchen – Cupboard 2
Barrel—Garage – Shelf
Book—Dining Room – Wardrobe
Car Battery—Bedroom 1 – Below Drawer
Engine Part—TV Table
Gasoline Can—Basement – Workbench
Spark Plug—Secret Area Top Floor – Right Drawer
Wrench—Special Room – Locker
Remote Control—Crow Cage
Birdseed—Abandoned Closet

Preset #2

Master Key—Melon
Hammer—Basement – Workbench
Cutting Pliers—Secret Area Entrance – Static Table
Padlock Key—Cogwheel Safe
Padlock Code—Sewer Cell – Wall
Battery—Kitchen – Cupboard 6
Safe Key—Screwdriver Safe
Weapon Key—Car – Trunk
Melon—Kitchen – Locker
Winch Handle—Hidden Closet
Playhouse Key—Crow Cage
Orange Cogwheel—Dining Room – Wardrobe
Red Cogwheel—Jail Ventilator
Car Key—Bathroom – Toilet
Special Key—Hidden Room – Table
Meat—Sewer Cell – Table
Buttstock—Shed – Bottom Shelf
Trigger—Baby Room – Above Drawers
Barrel—Abandoned Closet
Book—Study – Wardrobe
Car Battery—Safe
Engine Part—Well
Gasoline Can—Jail – Behind Wheelchair
Spark Plug—Study – Left Drawer
Wrench—Bedroom 2 – Below Drawer
Remote Control—Meat Room – Table
Birdseed—Special Room – Locker

Preset #3

Master Key—Cogwheel Safe
Hammer—Car – Trunk
Cutting Pliers—Crow Cage
Padlock Key—Melon
Padlock Code—Stair Closet
Battery—Abandoned Kitchen – Fireplace
Safe Key—Jail Ventilator
Weapon Key—Kitchen – Locker
Winch Handle—Safe
Playhouse Key—Screwdriver Safe
Orange Cogwheel—Abandoned Dining Room
Red Cogwheel—Bedroom 1 – Left Drawer
Car Key—Secret Area Top Floor – Right Drawer
Special Key—Hidden Closet
Meat—Baby Room – Above Drawer
Buttstock—Basement – Barrel
Trigger—Bedroom 2 – Below Drawers
Barrel—Dining Room – Wardrobe
Book—Garage – Shelf
Car Battery—Sewer Cell – In front of Skeleton’s legs.
Engine Part—Abandoned Closet
Gasoline Can—Main Room – Shelf
Spark Plug—Special Room – Locker
Remote Control—Hidden Room – Table
Birdseed—Shed – Table

Preset #4

Master Key—Cogwheel Safe
Hammer—Sewer Cell – Table
Cutting Pliers—Safe
Padlock Key—Special Room – Locker
Padlock Code—Meat Room
Battery—Hidden Closet
Safe Key—Screwdriver Safe
Weapon Key—Car – Glove Compartment
Melon—Car – Trunk
Winch Handle—Cupboard 3
Playhouse Key—Study – Left Drawer
Orange Cogwheel—Abandoned Kitchen – Crow Cage
Red Cogwheel—Well
Car Key—Baby Room – Right Drawer
Special Key—Microwave
Meat—Abandoned Closet
Buttstock—Kitchen – Countertop
Trigger—Meat Room – Table
Barrel—Bedroom 1 – Below Drawers
Book—Secret Area Top Floor – Below Drawers
Car Battery—Hidden Closet
Engine Part—Bedroom 2 – Above Drawer
Gasoline Can—Shed – Bottom Shelf
Spark Plug—Melon
Wrench—Jail Ventilator
Remote Control—Abandoned Kitchen – Cupboard
Birdseed—Kitchen – Locker

Preset #5

Master Key—Microwave
Cutting Pliers—Baby Room – Left Drawer
Padlock Key—Melon
Padlock Code—Study (Ground Floor) – Right Drawer
Battery—Stair Closet
Safe Key—Crow Cage
Weapon Key—Bedroom 2 – Right Drawer
Melon—Sewer Cell – Between Skeleton´s legs
Winch Handle—Study – Wardrobe
Playhouse Key—Special Room – Locker
Orange Cogwheel—Jail Ventilator
Red Cogwheel—Shed – Bottom Shelf
Car Key—Screwdriver Safe
Special Key—Abandoned Closet
Meat—Kitchen – Locker
Buttstock—Abandoned Dining Room
Trigger—Car – Glove Compartment
Barrel—Hidden Closet
Book—Dining Room – Shelf
Car Battery—Stair Closet
Engine Part—Safe
Gasoline Can—Abandoned Kitchen – Cupboard
Spark Plug—Cogwheel Safe
Wrench—Living Room – TV Table
Remote Control—Bookshelf Room
Birdseed—Car – Trunk

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