GTA Online: Solomon’s Top 10 Movie Props

The Rockstar Los Santos Summer Special in GTA Online brings with it a new set of collectibles to find. There are 10 movie props belonging to movie producer Solomon Richards hidden on the map. This GTA guide will help you discover all its exact locations.

Seven of the 10 movie props are fixed and have static locations on the map, while the other three props are completely random and can only be picked up by following three vehicles that spawn in random locations.


Movie Object 1: Film Reel

The first of Solomon’s Pillars is located in Backlot City in downtown Los Santos. Approach the Richard Majestic Productions building and check the trash can outside Solomon’s office.

You will find a film reel for Meltdown, a film that was produced by Michael de Santa from GTA 5.

Movie Object 2: WIFA Award

From there, travel south to Los Santos. Enter the Strawberry neighborhood in the northern part of the area, and enter the Vanilla Unicorn strip club.

Movie Object 3: Headdress

Now, go to the east side of Vinewood, and enter the Diamond Casino and Resort building.

Enter the restrooms located at the rear of the casino. There you will see a headdress hanging between the two urinals. Pick it up as your third collectible.

Movie Prop 4: Alien Head

It’s time to enter the deserted part of the map. Go to Sandy Shores and visit the Beam Me Up art installation.

In one of the murals, you will find the very recognizable head of the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise. Grab it and go to the next prop.

Movie Object 5: Mummy Head

Drive along Route 68 in the Great Lady Desert Harmony area.

Stop at the marker just north of the High Chaparral Clubhouse (just southwest of the Route 68 bunker), and approach an abandoned house. You will see the head of a mummy on the porch.

Movie Object 6: Clapperboard

After that, travel to the western part of the map, to Lago Zancudo. Enter the Fort Zancudo military base and locate the air traffic tower. Enter the control room and grab a movie clapperboard from the operations desk.

Movie Object 7: Monster Mask

Finally, go to the northern part of the map and enter the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness area.

Infiltrate the central part of the area, where the Cult of Altruists resides in a camp. In the western part of the altruistic camp, you will find a large rock with a monster mask on top of it.

Movie Prop 8: The Red Pony Van

This propeller is in one of three randomly spawning vehicles. Like the other two, this vehicle is protected by an armed NPC. It can be viewed in one of the following places:

Downtown Epsilon parking lot in the Rockford Hills.

Kotz Center parking lot in the Pacific Bluffs.

Driving around San Andreas University on Tongva Drive.

Movie Prop 9: White Rumpo Van

This vehicle also has two possible parking spots and one moving spot:

Simmet Alley parking lot in the Textile City.

Darnel Bros. parking lot in La Mesa.

Driving along the San Andres Avenue Bridge.

Movie Object 10: Black Rebel Pickup

This black van can be seen moving throughout various locations:

Driving around Procopio truck stop at Procopio beach.

Driving along the Great Ocean Highway at Mount Chiliad.

Willie’s supermarket parking lot in Paleto Bay.

Parked behind El Gallinero in Paleto Bay.

Solomon Movie Rewards
For every movie prop collected, you’ll get a $10,000 reward, for a total of $100,000. If you collect all 10 movie props, Solomon will give you an additional $50,000 and The Space Interloper Outfit.

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