Grand Theft Auto V: Best Victim for Altruist Cult

Altruist Cult is Hidden Side Mission for Trevor.
Trevor must Delivering 4 People to get 103k.
But who best victim candidate to deliver for Altruist Cult? Check this out!


The Victims

The first two victim you must deliver from Random Event is

  • Drunk Driver, He only Give you $40 its not worth, Also if you help him back to his home he will passed out because drink too much. So why not make him to be useful.
    You can delivering him after mission Friend Reunited.
    As bonus, if you approach him without using vehicles you can take his car (Baller), got $1000 + SUV Car not really bad.
  • Drunk Couple, This both couple only give you $80. Also they doing s*x in the car when you helping them, that’s not a polite way to ask for help. So why not send them to Exclusive Hotel on the top of Mountain for them.
    You can deliver them after mission Mr. Phillips.
    As bonus, After delivering them you can take the car (Emperor), got $2000 + Classic old car with good condition (not beater variant) really good deal, except they doing s*x in that car before.

    Note : Before Deliver the last victim, I recommend you to use body armor.

  • Snatched Girl, This maybe the most bad random event you can got in the game, She not only not pay you with anything, you also need to kill some Lost MC member who chase you (also its kinda hard to survive if you not using trevor for this mission, since the chaser using shotgun to drive by). And also she Lost MC member, trevor enemies in the story mode (well Ex-member) but she very good option for the last victims.

Extra Note :
You can swap to deliver Snatched Girl first than Drunk Driver for easy shootout Later, but i don’t know you can keep his car after the shootout end.

The Shootout

After you deliver the last victim, they ambush you to including you for the sacrifice.
But, you using trevor so basically nobody can’t betray us (except michael).

time to make them pay back!

After Finish the shootout DON’T go out from the base!

There 4 hidden briefcase with each case $25000 (Total is $100000).
Here the Locations (Check the minimap) :

This briefcase will not spawn again IF you go out from the base without picking them, so be careful to not forget it!

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