Grand Theft Auto V: How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones Not Having Sound

This is a guide as to how to fix the issue of bluetooth headphones/earbuds not producing any of the game’s sound, specifically if no sound plays after the intro or if it cuts out mid-intro.

How to Fix the Issue

If you use a pair of bluetooth headphones when playing Grand Theft Auto V, there is a chance that you have encountered a bug in which audio does not play at all through the speakers of your headphones or earbuds during gameplay. Specifically, the sound stops after (or in my case, during) the intro with the Rockstar logo and police sirens blaring. This guide is meant to provide the method that I have used to fix the issue. There are are solutions available online, as well as other similar issues with sound not playing, however this is the one that worked to fix the problem that I had.

1. In the bottom righthand corner of your screen, right click the sound icon
2. Select “Open Sound Settings” from the menu that appears upon right clicking
3. On the right-hand side of the Sound Settings, under the section “Related Settings”, click “Sound Control Panel”
4. Under the tab “Playback”, there should be two devices listed for your pair of headphones, one labeled “Headphones” and another “Headset”. RIght click the option that is labeled as “Headset” and select “DIsable”. The option should also say “hands-free audio” in grey text below the device’s title, or it at least did for mine.
5. Under the “Recording” tab, do the same as you did for the previous step, disabling the “Headset” device.

Upon starting GTA V, the audio should be fixed and working appropriately. I hope that this is helpful to you if you are experiencing this same problem as I have been.

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