Grand Theft Auto V: Ultimate Nightclub Guide

In this guide you will learn about how to maximize your earnings in one of the best businesses in the game the Nighclub. This guide is not for begginers.


The Nightclub

The Nightclub is one of the best businesses but they need a lot of requirements. I only recommend buying the Nightclub once you have a lot of other businesses.
Beside buying the Nightclub for it to work most efficiently you will need a:

  • Special cargo warehouse or a Hangar
  • Bunker
  • Meth lock-up
  • Cocaine lock-up
  • Counterfeit cash factory

If you just want to focus on the Nightclub you can just buy these requirement’s cheapest version.

When buying the Nightclub:
-Buy all 5 of the storage spaces those are a must, everything else is not needed.
-In the Nightclub you will need to buy all 5 technicians
-In the Nightclub buy the Equipment Upgrade and Staff Upgrade

The Safe

The Safe used to be a very bad way to make money but after the Criminal Enterprises DLC it became very good. Your Safe will get a specific amount of money every ingame day (48 minutes) depending on your popularity. If you have all 5 bars of popularity you earn 50k/48min.

You can increase your popularity by:

  • Assigning a new DJ.
  • Calling Tony and requesting a job which will increase your Nightclub’s popularity by 25%.
  • Inside your Nightclub Marcel will send you a message if there are troublemakers inside of the Nightclub who you can remove for popularity.

Your Safe can only hold 250k so if your popularity is max you will have to open your safe every 5 ingame days. (4 hours)
If you buy the Staff Upgrade your Nightclub’s popularity will decrease slower.

The Warehouse

The Warehouse is the thing that makes the Nighclub very good.
You should buy the Equipment Upgrade it will make the process much faster.
You will only have one technician for free and you will have to buy all 5 of them.

Once you bought all 5 of them you can choose to select your technicians to work on 7 businesses:

  • South American Imports (Cocaine)
  • Cargo and Shipments (CEO Crates)
  • Pharmaceutical Research (Meth)
  • Sporting Goods (Bunker)
  • Cash Creation (Counterfeit Cash)
  • Organic Produce (Weed)
  • Printing and Copying (Document Forgery)

Choose the first 5 ones in the list, they will make the most money.

These technicians will passively steal stuff for you, you dont have to do anything once its setup.
You can also call Yohan to see your current stock level without having to go to the Nightclub, and you can ask for a job from him every 20 minutes where you can bring goods to your Nightclub and act as a technician.

When selling depending on how much crates you want to sell the game will give you one vehicle to sell it:

  • 1-89 crates you will be using the Speedo Custom. (Free vehicle comes with Nightclub)
  • 90-179 crates you will be using the Mule Custom. (72,000$ in warstock)
  • 180+ crates you will be using the Pounder Custom (241,000$ in warstock)

You can also upgrade these vehicles with armor and weapons which is very useful if you want to sell in a Public Session.

From your sales Tony will get a 10% cut but that cut is capped at 100k.
If you sell in a Public Session you will get an extra 2% money for every player in the session.
This extra money can be very high so you should consider selling in a public session.
If youre selling in a public session you can activate Ghost Organization in CEO Abilities to make you off radar for a few minutes, after this few minutes is gone you can call Lester to get you off radar for another minute. If your vehicle gets blown up, then a big amount of goods will be destroyed.

If you want you can AFK to get goods overnight. Just sit down at your computer in the Nightclub Office and watch the DJ Live Stream with this you can AFK without being kicked out for inactivity.

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