H-Rescue: All Achievement Guide

Simple achievement guide. You still have to be “fast” at the game.

To gain all the achievments you will need to play the game right through at least TWICE. depending on if you mess up. At present and the time of writing this guide, there is no way to go back to the different puzzle types once you have moved to the next section. For the sake of getting everything easily, only proceed to the next stage if you have got all the achievements you want.


Simple achievements for the first puzzles.

These are the cheevos for this stage of the game. They simply require you to finish the puzzles by swapping the pieces.

The picture darkens out if a piece is in the correct place. Just start at the head and work down. The last few pieces are a bit fiddly as they tend to be very similar background pieces.

It is straightforward enough with increasing difficulty as you move through the 8 characters.

You will unlock:

Hanna the knight
Eiko the catgirl
Ren the maid
Hikkata the nun
No’ou the zombie
Izumi the succubus
Amulia the angol
Tanya the cyborg.

Tied with each of these are TIME DEPENDANT cheevos where you have to beat the puzzle in under 1 minute. This is straight forward enough and you will likely get most of them on the first play through.

If you miss one at the next screen after the “thank you for rescuing me” text you can click back and re try.

Example of the screen. Click the


to redo the level.

NOTE: At present once you finish TANYA (green haired cyborg and the last one) you will automatically go to the next stage with no way to go back. I would suggest setting a timer using your phone and if you get close to the minute and think you wont make it then click the “cog” icon in the top right corner and retry the level. You can do this as often as you need to. But once you finish her stage you will be UNABLE to return to it without either finishing the whole game or starting over.

The cog you can click

Just click retry if you mess up.

Assuming you are a bad ass hentai tile flip master and this provides no challenge to you this will unlock:

1 minute with Hanna
1 minute with Eiko
1 minute with Ren
1 minute with Hikkata
1 minute with No’ou
1 minute with Izumi
1 minute with Amuilia
1 minute with Tanya

The second stage of puzzles

For some reason you are now kicked to the next set of puzzles tied with unlocking the magic seals around the girls. This also happens to make them naked. At present there is NO WAY to go back to the other puzzles.

This is a bit more confusing at first as you are not sure what you are supposed to do. Buy basically match symbols near each other to start with, or work around the edges looking for pairs that can be reached without going though other tiles. You will get the hang of it and understand the mechanics as you play and will get good. A you progress the game will change slightly by introducing more symbols to match and a new mechanic where the symbols will drop tetris style as you solve them. Depending on the girl they may drop down, right , left etc. It just makes it a bit harder but you should adapt easily.

There is a generous time limit, but it does eventually run out.
Try and match symbols rapidly to maintain combos indicated by the smaller bar that counts down rapidly. This was quite easy and you will unlock:


Incredible X 3 (for 3 combos in a row)
You – incredible! (for 4 combos in a row)

This was easy, and you should get those without trying.



is a harder achievement but you should get it replaying the earlier levels. Just be as fast as you can and it should pop with the multi-plyer bonus for rapid combos and the bonus for time etc.

Just missed out on this one. But you get the idea.

Finishing all the girls will unlock:

  • Clean for Hanna
  • Clean for Eiko
  • Clean for Ren
  • Clean for Hikkata
  • Clean for No’ou
  • Clean for Izumi
  • Clean for Amylia
  • Clean for Tanya

Note about the SHUFFLE function:
I would recommend not using the shuffle function at all if you are doing an achievement run. On my play though I used it a few times to get to the next girl. However when I replayed the level to unlock the “wat’shuff” achievements it did not pop. I was only able to gain these on a fresh new play though., so if you use a shuffle function at all to proceed to the next girl you seem to “invalidate” that run for that girl. You can freely use the “solve random tile” ability if you have sufficient time remaining. However I used that sparingly.

I recommend giving it your best shot, and if it looks harder and you cant find any easy matches to proceed just restart the level using the “cog” function on the top right corner. I did sometimes have the shuffle function seemingly activate on its own. If it did this, I restarted the level to be sure.

Assuming you solve all these girls without resorting to use the shuffle function you will unlock:

Wat’shuff Hanna
Wat’shuff Eiko
Wat’shuff Ren
Wat’shuff Hikkata]
Wat’shuff No’ou
Wat’shuff Izumi
Wat’shuff Amilya
Wat’shuff Tanya

END GAME (lol)

Once you have rescued all the girls the narrator character in the purple hood with her eyes closed will tell you it is now time to escape.

You have two options here. “Go outside” or “stay a little longer”.

If you stay, you have the options or replaying the girls and get better scores etc. If you havent managed to get decent scores I would recommend doing this. I got an assortment of 15k to 43k with most girls between 22k and 33k points.

If you chose to go outside, you will be informed that due to plot related magic you might not be able to save all the girls. It will then total up your scores via some magical ruins animation and present you with the number of girls you can save. (Maximum 8).

If you have enough points, simply select the girls you wish to save while the 30 seconds timer counts down.

5 on 8

Earn enough points to select and save 5 girls.

8 on 8

Earn enough points to select and save all 8 girls.

You will get both achievements at once if you save all 8 so just go for that and get a high score before choosing to leave the cave,

Whatever you chose, you will then leave the cave and the narrator girl will die.

You will unlock:

The end

You can now have the long awaited Hentai scene with each girl.
Simply click through the menu of each girl one at a time. You will then have the standard option of using things like feathers, anal beads, your tongue and hand etc on the girls to build the pleasure meter. Then once at max you can have sex with the girls and build the meter again. Once you have maxed out these two mini H games you will move to the next girl.

Once you’ve porked your way though all 8 you will be told you have finished the game and be chucked back to the menu screen to start over.


Steam roll back through the puzzles, picking up any time dependant ones you may have missed.
Get to the stage where you rescue the girls. Even if you have enough points dont select anyone. Id recommend using the cheat mode expalined in the next section to speed this playthough up.

You will then flee with the narrator character and get the achievement:

Only you

Assuming this is the last one to get you will also pop

Gotta catch ’em all

You can then enjoy the sex scenes with her and see the rest of her face.

Woo, you completed another cheap Hentai game. You absolute stud.

cheat mode

Cheat mode is something the developers put in the game.

Its mentioned on the store page.


This will stop time dropping down on the second stage of the game. It will however limit your score to 10000 max per girl. There is’nt quite enough “time” to spam use the solve random piece to finish the game. But there is enough to provide serious help.

I haven’t checked to see if the scores you get at the end were enough to save all the girls. It might even invalidate the achievements. Someone can confirm if they want. But im not expecting anyone to need a guide for such an easy game.

So I suggest using this mode to help you mash though the second play through to save the narrator Miraha since even cheating you will likely accrue enough points to be able to save somebody who you can then promptly ignore to get sweet sweet Miraha all to yourself.

character art

I guess you could use these to help you with the puzzle sections, or you can just appreciate them for the art.

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