Halo The Master Chief Collection: Default Controls for Controller

Helps get the original experience and may help you find a control scheme that works better than MCC default controls.


Original Default Controls

I made this guide because I found that the default control schemes for each game in the MCC were a bit awkward. By default, your controls are put to the “Universal Default (Recon)” button layout which tries to keep the different functions of each Halo game mapped to similar buttons or areas of the controller. However, many of the Halo games have unique abilities and mechanics, and it can be difficult to play certain games optimally/comfortably when you are not playing with a control scheme meant for that game specifically. Therefore, this guide will help you find the default, tailor-made controls for each Halo game, which may make playing the game easier to play. I personally found that it is better to just learn the control scheme for each individual game rather than use the general universal controls that make some game awkward to play.

(Find these options in Settings > Controls > Configure Gamepad > Button Layout)

Halo: Reach – Default (The layout name is “Default”)

Halo: CE – The Duke

Halo 2 – Default (The layout name is “Default”)

Halo 3 – Default or Universal Default (Recon) (They’re almost exactly the same, Universal just also allows you to switch grenades with the D-pad as well)

Halo 3 ODST – Default or Universal Default (Recon) (Same as Halo 3)

Halo 4 – Default or Universal Reclaimer (as far as I can tell they are the exactly the same)

Bonus Tip: In the settings, also try setting Gameplay > Crosshair Position to “Lowered” to get a more classic feel!

(*Also for Halo: CE and Halo 2, those were the controls you got when you played on Xbox 360, as most controllers don’t have the Black/White buttons that the original Xbox controller had)

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