Haunt the House: Terrortown – Achievements Guide 100%

Details on how to obtain every achievement in Haunt the House: Terrortown


Completion Achievements

These Achievements are the simplest: All you need to do is win each level by scaring away and/or killing all the people. You know, the point of the game.

Ghost Town
Complete the Terrortown level

House Haunted
Complete the Mansion House level

North Pole Goal
Complete the North Pole Level

Full Steam Ahead
Complete the Ghost Train level

Atmosphere Achievements

These achievements are unlocked by maxing out the Atmosphere meter at the bottom of the screen.

Spirit Level
Reach full atmosphere in every building in the Terrortown level

At Most Fear
Reach full atmosphere in the Mansion House level

Cold Blooded
Reach full atmosphere in the North Pole level

Fright Train
Reach full atmosphere in the Ghost Train level

Note that this particular achievement only requires you to reach full atmosphere in one of the three train sections.

All Items and All Spooks Achievements

These achievements require you to be a very thorough player, possessing all possible items and using every possible spook they have. This will require maxing out the Atmosphere meter so all the spooks become available. Note that every level has some duplicate items; you don’t need to possess/use all the spooks on every single one to get the achievement.

Nine Tenths of the Law
Possess every object in the Terrortown level

Spice of Life
Use every spook on every item in the Terrortown level

Note that you are required to move the chandeliers in the Cruise Ship even though that doesn’t appear as a spook option.

Finders Keepers
Possess every item in the Mansion House level

Through the Spooking Glass
Use every spook on every item in the Mansion House level

Frozen Assets
Possess every item in the North Pole level

Leave No Snow Unturned
Use every spook on every item in the North Pole level

Stopping At All Stations
Possess every item in the Ghost Train level

Railroad Tycoon
Use every spook on every item in the Ghost Train level

Full Potential Achievements

These Achivements require you to unlock and use the final spook option on particular items in each level.

James the Zombie Zebra
Use the Zebra in the Museum to its full potential

Grim Detective
Use the Tube in the Museum to its full potential

Feelin’ Blue
Use the left Painting in the Mansion House level to its full potential

Long Lost Lempi
Use the right Banner in the North Pole to its full potential

Screamin’ Sasquatch
Use the BIgfoot in the Ghost Train level to its full extent

Special Terrortown Achievements

These Achievements require you to complete special tasks in the Terrortown level.

Mass Hysteria
Freak out 5 people at once in the Terrortown level

This is best accomplished by first maxing out atmosphere in a building without actually scaring away many people. You can do this by using low-level spooks all around a building, or spamming the second spook on an object that is used to unlock a ghost, since the person that becomes that ghost can still raise the atmosphere meter without being able to move away. Once the atmosphere meter is maxed out, find a place where five or more people are grouped together and use a high-level spook as close to them as possible, spam it if you can since the achievement can trigger by getting enough freakouts in rapid succession if not all at once.

Next of Kin
Use all 10 ghosts in the Terrortown level

This achievement description is very misleading as it’s a bit more complicated than that. What you actually have to do is unlock another ghost as quickly as you can, immediately switch to that ghost, and repeat until you’ve switched to the tenth ghost. Don’t worry about clearing out buildings or maxing out atmosphere while you do this, just get all the ghosts as fast as you can. As far as I can tell you don’t have to do them in any particular order.

The Final Curtain
Cause 10 window jumpers in the Terrortown level

People jump from windows only when they’re hysterical (screaming, crying, running, the works). Subtly max out atmosphere as is done for Mass Hysteria, and then use high-level and spammable spooks to get people screaming. One of the absolute best objects for this is a lightbulb, since its Flicker spook is the most spammable out of any spook and can get people from calm to screaming in two seconds flat. As people are running around, use high-level spooks to steer them away from exits and you should get the achievement quickly enough.

The Friendly Ghost
Complete the Terrortown level with no window jumpers.

This one is pretty tricky and takes patience. Make sure to avoid making people hysterical so they don’t jump from windows. Scare them to the point of sweating but no further. My preferred strategy is to try to find people that are alone and scare them until they leave (avoiding hysteria of course). Spook groups of people to break them up if you need to. Try to corral them towards exits by spooking them again when they stop sweating.

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