Heavy Metal Babes: Nanochip Farming Guide

How to collect the nanochips you actually want.


Nanochip Farming Guide

This is a very simple guide on how to collect the nanochips YOU want.

The rules for generating nanochips are straightforward:

1) All missions from chapters 1 to 6 are assigned specific symbols. Chapter 7 draws randomly. I have yet to reach chapter 8 or higher to see what the rules are there.

Chapter 1: + HP (2 chip set)
Chapter 2: + Attack (4 chip set)
Chapter 3: + Defence (2 chip set)
Chapter 4: + Speed (4 chip set)
Chapter 5: + Critical Rate (2 chip set)
Chapter 6: + Critical Damage (4 chip set)

2) The mission number will dictate which chip TYPE drops.
i.e. type 1 = mission 1; type 5 = mission 5, etc.
Mission 7 will generate a random type (1-6).

I have relatively little play time on hard mode and none on hell mode, so can only speculate as to how difficulty directly influences the star rating of the chip dropped.

What can be confirmed is that the chip colour = number of chip buffs.
white = 1
green = 2
blue = 3
purple = 4
amber = 5

I have not yet achieved a max tier nanochip. My current highest is tier 12 with a 1 star chip.

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