Hellpoint: Personal Belongings ID Codes

Here are some secret ID codes at a terminal.



When you spawn, head down the stairs and (Follow Tutorial) pick up, equip and use your “Healing Injection”.

Keep moving forward up the stairs through the doorway and you’ll see a few Terminals on the left. The last one is the one your looking for.

The Codes

The Terminal will ask for a 6-digit code and ounce you input these codes, you’ll have to go through the dialogue again..

These are all the codes I found. You can always head back to this area if your already ahead.

100408 – Pre-release Items
642017 – Kickstarter Items
663911 – Halloween Alien Helmet

If anyone knows any other codes, let me know ill update this Guide and add you as an Contributor.

Source From Reddit

By K G X

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