HighFleet: How to Use ELINT Effectively

Here is a simple guide on how to use ELINT effectively.



  • ELINT can sense enemy radar at 2x radar range
  • Do not assume enemy uses MR-700 (750km range, 1500km ELINT)
  • Hard mode trade convoy may have cruiser escort with radars
  • ELINT DANGER means you are in enemy radar range, but it doesn’t mean you are detected
  • Landing reduces radar efficiency but does not reduce its ELINT profile. It is still detectable at double of its full range.
  • Tactical Groups don’t use radars at all. Missile groups, however, uses IRST and may fire A-100 at you if they notice you on their IRST.

Single Scout Locating

You don’t need two ELINT ships to triangulate enemy location.

  1. Record the location you get ELINT 1
  2. Sail toward ELINT bearing
  3. Record the location you get ELINT DANGER
  4. Extend the line between two locations by 2x is roughly where the enemy is

You will want the scout as fast as possible in case enemy is on the move, which increases the margin of error.

Cheat Sheet

750 km radars
  • Nomad (+ Cruise missile)
  • Varyag
  • Typhoon
500km radars
  • Gryphon (+ Cruise missile)
  • Negev (460km)
  • Borey (485km)
250km radars
  • Kormoran (183km)

Kormoran may be the least combat effective cruiser but is the most dangerous as it can catch you off guard easily. They have 772 ELINT range and will detect you before you can detect them.

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