Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – How to Unlock All 3 Secret Achievements

Today I’m gonna tell you how to unlock all secret achievements



First of all u you must unlock secret level The Abyss.
After you must complete the Withdrawal level without dying on the third floor.
Then you take the diskette from the table while the Manager goes to get the gun.
Next you take the diskette while looking through Jake’s things.
It is all, you unlocked achievement.


In the intro of the level, you need to listen to a message on the answering machine, in which the Biker offers to meet with the writer in order to give him important information about the murders committed by the operators of 50 Blessings for a reward. If you listen to this message, Evan will go to the bar before visiting Richter’s mother. The drunken Biker will tell him that he killed Russian gangsters in Miami because of mysterious messages, but then got scared and fled into the desert, where he met Richard. After meeting him, Biker “lost the will to fight.” After these words, Biker demanded money, but Evan refused to pay unless he said something more important. The biker became angry and refused to answer, so Evan left the bar.
It is all, you unlocked achievemnt.

3. Nuclear waste

At the level you need to throw 5 cardboard figures depicting characters from the game Nuclear Throne to the ground with blows from melee weapons or shots. The first 3 figures are on the first floor, the remaining 2 are on the second.
It is all, you unlocked secret achievement.

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