Hotline Miami: All Puzzle Locations Guide

So with the game being dirt cheap right now, there are many new people to the game.
So for all of those, who want all achievements: here are the locations for each and every puzzle piece + the solution to the puzzle.

The puzzle is required to get the last mask: Nigel


U – Prelude: The Metro
U – Prelude: The Metro. 1st Floor, Bottom Left end of the tracks

T – Chapter 1: No Talk
T – Chapter 1: No Talk. 2nd Floor, Top left kitchen in front of sink

A – Chapter 2: Overdose
A – Chapter 2: Overdose. 2nd Floor, Bottom Right bathroom (between toilet and tub)

O – Chapter 3: Decadence
O – Chapter 3: Decadence. 2nd Floor, Bottom Left dining room in front of chair (furthest right, top row)

A – Chapter 4: Tension
A – Chapter 4: Tension. 2nd Floor, Bombroom (left below window)

E – Chapter 5: Full House
E – Chapter 5: Full House. 1st Floor, Bottom right kitchen (right of top chair)

I – Chapter 6: Clean Hit
I – Chapter 6: Clean Hit. 2nd Floor, Bottom right balcony (below head of lower patio chair)

N – Chapter 7: Neighbours
N – Chapter 7: Neighbours. 1st Floor, Top Left Bedroom, right of computer chair

R – Chapter 8: Push It
R – Chapter 8: Push It. Right 2nd Floor, Top right corner of top right dance floor

S – Chapter 9: Crackdown
S – Chapter 9: Crackdown. 2nd Floor. Top middle by elevator. BE FAST, you have to be the SWAT

I – Chapter 10: Hot-N-Heavy
I – Chapter 10: Hot-N-Heavy. (Top right floor), bottom left pool room, below bottom pool chair

N – Chapter 11: Deadline
N – Chapter 11: Deadline. 2nd Floor, Bottom Left

W – Chapter 12: Trauma
W – Chapter 12: Trauma. Starting Floor, bottom right bathroom next to toilet

S – Chapter 13: Assault
S – Chapter 13: Assault. 1st Floor, Bottom Left bathroom (between toilet and “sink” (dunno if its a sink or a bidet)

B – Chapter 14: Vengenace
B – Chapter 14: Vengenace. 3rd Floor, Bathroom in front of stairs (upper left urinal)

H – Final Chapter: Showdown
H – Final Chapter: Showdown. 1st floor, room on the left between coach and chair

Solution to the Puzzle

In the right order, this spells:

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