House Flipper 2: All Bessie Collectible Locations

A simple picture guide with descriptions on where to find all the Bessie collectibles.


So You Wanna be a House Flipper? – Bessie (1/9)

First you need to load up the job titled “So You Wanna be a House Flipper?”
Once you’re there go through the front door.
Follow the hallway and turn into the bedroom on your left.
The Bessie is on the shelf on the left.

I Have a New Quest For You – Bessie (2/9)

Load up the job “I Have a New Quest For You”.
You can enter through the garage for this one.
On the back wall, you’ll find a shelf. The bessie is located on the second from the top.

Out with the Old! – Bessie (3/9)

Load up the job “Out with the Old!”
This one is really simple. Go through the front door. Immediately you will find a pile of boxes on your right.
You can find the Bessie hidden next to the rubber duck.

Tiny House to Flip – Bessie (4/9)

Load up the job “Tiny House to Flip”.
Walk through the door leading into the living room.
Look on the upper shelf on the right of the room.
In the far left cubby of that shelf you will find the Bessie.

My Crew is Moving Here – Bessie (5/9)

Load up the job “My Crew is Moving Here”.
Walk through the front door and go into the utility closet on your left.
In the lower right, you’ll find a small crate.
Bessie is hidden in that crate.

My House Doesn’t Feel Like Home – Bessie (6/9)

Load up the job “My House Doesn’t Feel Like Home”.
Walk through the front door and head up stairs. Go to the other side of the shelf
On the top shelf, you will find the Bessie figure.

Making Room for Our New Baby – (7/9)

Load up the job “Making Room for Our New Baby”.
Walk in through the living room doors on the right.
You will find a small yellow box next to the armchair.
Inside the box is the Bessie figure.

Exterior Renovation – (8/9)

Load up the job “Exterior Renovation”.
Go through the front door and make your way up the stairs. Round the stair railing until you find this room.
Go into the room and immediately on the dresser to your right you’re find the Bessie figure.

Adding Music Studio – Bessie (9/9)

Load up the job “Adding Music Studio”.
Walk in through the front door and go straight until you reach the kitchen.
There will be a windowed cabinet on the back wall to the left.
Open it and on the bottom shelf is the Bessie figure.


Once you find all the figures the achievement should pop up. You don’t need to complete all the jobs to get the achievement. You only need to find the figures and press “E” on them. Thank you for reading and I hope this helps! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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