House Flipper 2: Achievement Guide 100% (Work in Progress)

A quick text-guide to assist in unlocking all achievements, with tips on some of the harder ones.




If you’re like me, you’d find yourself looking for an achievement guide for a few more of the more obscure ones. Having just completed all the achievements myself, hopefully I can provide that guide to others!

There are no pictures, as of yet. I really don’t feel they’re necessary, even the collectables are incredibly easy to find with a brief blurb of text. Still, if the guide draws interest, I may pretty it up a bit.

Without further delay, onto the guide!

Progression Achievements

The following will be unlocked simply by playing through the game.

– Unlocked in the introduction, upon answering your first phone call.

First Steps
-Complete your first job.

Fully Prepared
-Progress through jobs until you unlock all tools.

You Did It!
-Complete the story and see the credits.

Pinnacove Suburbs, Crayfist Coast, Coralroot Forest
-Complete all jobs in each of the three areas of the map.

Charming Talker
-Talk to clients on the phone. Simply don’t ignore/hang up on clients when you call you on jobs.

One-Off Achievements

The achievements in this section are completed by doing something in particular, and involve little to no grinding. They’re not missable, and are generally fairly easy to complete.

I’m an Architect
-Create a house in the sandbox mode, and save it. This didn’t trigger immediately for me, but did when I created an actual four-walled structure with a floor, ceiling, and door, and saved it. It may even be necessary to export the ‘mod’ to your computer, as I did that before saving, and the achievement popped upon leaving the menu.

(Anyone with specific details, please let me know!)

The Tables Have Turned
-In sandbox mode, create trash and place dirt on a wall. It may require testplaying and cleaning the trash before it pops up.

Full Control
-Wire 20 objects to a single switch. Can easily be done by buying 20 cheap wall lamps, wiring them to an existing switch with the wiring tool, and then switch it on.

Don’t Try This at Home
-Buy an electrical outlet, then spray it with the spray bottle of the cleaning tool! Requires the spray bottle being unlocked through perk points.

Custom PC Cooling
-Put a laptop in a fridge. Easy enough!

Change of Mind
-Use the style-change function of the Flipper Tool to change the style of an existing piece of furniture. Requires a few perk points spend in the Flipping Tool.

Everything Matches
-Use the style-copy function of the Flipper Tool five times, to copy a furniture’s style to another. Requires a few perk points spent in the Flipping Tool.

Work Smart, Not Hard
-Bring an outdoor trash bin indoors, and use it to dispose of a garbage bag.

It Ain’t That Easy
-Attempt to sell a bag of trash.

Trick Shot
-Throw three trash bags into a bin without missing. This can be done at point-blank range, and will likely occur naturally.

-Throw a bag of trash into a bin from ten meters away. You’ll need height to make such a long throw, so do this on any job or house with an accessible roof or balcony. Simply bring a few bags to a high point, and adjust your trajectory between throws until you nail it. The first and arguably best place to get this is the job ‘Tiny house to flip’.

Deja Vu
-Redo any job. Should happen naturally when you try and get the next achievement.

The Fast and the Cleanest
-Complete in a job in under five minutes. You can get 1 completion star and immediately end it, and it will count. Perfection is not important. This is doable in the first job relatively easily – just pick up all the trash, sell the sellables in the living room, and scrub down the raccoon tracks until you get your first star.

As Instructed
-Complete any ‘Assembly’ mission. These unlock on the main tablet menu fairly early in the game.

-Complete all 12 ‘Assembly’ missions. Getting three stars is not necessary. They unlock through game progression/completing earlier assembly missions.

Business is Booming
-Sell a house for the first time.

Change of Environment
-Buy a house, and move in! On the house screen for an owned property, simply select ‘Move Office Here.’

House Hoarder
-Own three houses.

Lengthy Achievements

The following require some degree of grinding or lengthier gameplay to accomplish. Mount Everest in particular is a massive chore.

They Come and Go
-Sell five houses. Should happen naturally, but if not, you should have money leftover by endgame to buy and sell a few with minimal effort, if you’re not interested in doing any actual work on them.

-Earn a million dollars. You do not need to have a million in your account at one point, simply earn it cumulatively. This should happen through the course of the game, plus flipping a few houses.

Money Sink
-Spend a million dollars. Should happen naturally through the course of flipping houses. A million goes fairly quickly after buying a few houses.

With Great Power…
-Unlock all perks. The only one unlikely to happen naturally through the course of completing jobs is Flipper Sense. You can increase this purely by mashing the activate button over and over again with a cleaning tool selected, regardless of whether or not anything is being detected. Alternatively, just press the Flipper Sense button a few times whenever you’re scrubbing a stain – it’ll add up! Other tools are self explanatory, and can be grinded if necessary by using the relevant tools.

Marathon Runner
-Move 42km ingame. You should be nearly finished with this by the end of the jobs. If it’s not completed by the time you’re done everything else, simply run laps around a large property.

That Was a Lot
-Clean 3000 stains. It’ll happen naturally around the time you finish all jobs, if you’re going for three stars.

Mount Everest
-Move the paint roller 8.848km.

This one is awful. Through testing, I’ve confirmed that it’s indeed distance travelled and not squares painted, so painting with the non-extended roller will help it occur naturally, if you’re so inclined. In all likelihood, you’ll be a mere 20% of the way through by the end of the game, as I was.

There is a trick to completing this, however! Build a long wall, the length of your property. Click one end of it with paint on your roller, hold, and use WASD to move the roller to the far end. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Thankfully, by repainting the wall with the same color, you never actually use paint, and it does count. It still took me about an hour to do, after completing everything else.

Collectible Achievements

I’m Grateful
-Find the gratitude journal in the job ‘More light, please’. It’s located in the upstairs bedroom, by the bed. Press E/A on it to ‘collect’ it.

Full House
-Find the 9 Bessie figurines hidden throughout nine different jobs, and press E/A to ‘collect’ them. Note, you do not have to complete the jobs for the figures to count, despite the Steam achievement progress not updating immediately.

The jobs and their locations are as follows:

So You Wanna Be a House Flipper?
In the bedroom in the rear left of the building, on a shelf in the back between a fern and a candle.

I Have a New Quest For You
In the garage, sitting on the shelves in the back, slightly high and in the center. Easy to spot.

Out With the Old
Immediately upon entering the house, it’s sitting on a stack of boxes, obscured by the rubber duck.

Tiny House to Flip
In the living room, near the bathroom door in the rear-right, on the cubic shelf near the ceiling.

My Crew is Moving Here
In the small laundry room by the stairs, sitting in a crate in the back right of the room.

My House Doesn’t Feel Like Home
Go upstairs, stand by the piano, and face the cube-shelves beside you. It’s in the upper left shelf.

Making Room For Our New Baby
In a yellow box in the living room, sitting next to the grey sofa.

Exterior Renovation
Upstairs in the kid’s bedroom with the starry wallpaper. On the dresser between other stuffed animals.

Adding Music Studio
In an open cabinet above the coffee maker in the kitchenette, at the rear left of the main room.


Hopefully this guide helped you out some! If you have any details I’m missing (notably the section on unknown achievements) or feel like I need to be less vague in places, do let me know.

I intend to update this as the game progresses, if DLC or updates bring about new achievements. For now, I’m simply missing a few details to consider the guide complete.

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