House Flipper 2: How to Sign Up and Access House Mods

So, you want to see others’ houses but when you click the Mod tab it is empty. This guide will walk you through setup so that you can access those houses.


Sign Up For

When you click for the first time, you will receive a prompt to login with a smartphone or computer.

Smartphone users can scan a QR code to access the website through their default mobile phone web browser, but they will still need to follow the steps below.

Computer users can go to the website through their chosen web browser (Firefox, Opera GX, etc.) for this option.

Either way, you cannot log in to through the game directly without an account properly connected to

If you use an ad blocker, you will need to allow itself in order for the website to work properly.

1. Once on the website, click Browse Games. You will not see a Login option until you reach that screen.

2. Click the Login button and log in with the account on whichever platform your House Flipper 2 game sits (Steam, XBox Live, PlayStation, etc.). If you are new to the site, make sure to set up an account first (and verify your email address).

3. Once logged in, change the URL in your browser to

4. This will prompt you to give a code to connect your account. Enter the code displayed in your game.

5. If the connection went through, you will get a message reading “Connection Successful.”

HELP! Mods Are Not Showing But I Signed Up!

Notice: Once you have signed up for, be certain to completely shut down your House Flipper 2 game and then relaunch it.

If you do this, the next time you click the button in your Sandbox Mode while in House Flipper 2, it automatically launches the site for you in the game, with you already logged in to the site. Easy! (See Step #1 if you are not logged in automatically).

If you do not do this, you will need to use your browser to access the site until you restart your House Flipper 2 game.

Obtaining House Mods Inside House Flipper 2

Let us get started and get that first mod!

1. Either click the button under the Mods category (if you have restarted the game) or head to the website via your internet browser (if you have not). You may need to click the person icon (My Account) on the bottom left and have it log in if this is your first time accessing it inside House Flipper 2.

Warning: Clicking the button launches the website via your platform’s Overlay feature (such as Steam Overlay). If you have your Overlay feature turned off on your platform, you will either need to re-enable it OR head to the website via your internet browser.

2. If you are over the legal age to see content rated for Mature Adults (read: Mature Adults, people. Not teenagers, and absolutely Not children), make sure to click your profile image (on the bottom left of the window if you are on a computer version of the site; you will notice the site imported your profile image from your platform). Under General Settings, you can select the option to see Mature rated content. you will be required to enter your date of birth. Make certain to click the Save button when you are done here. This is also the page where you can close out your account.

For Web Browser / Mobile Users Only:

2 A. If you did not go to the Profile window, you can skip this step, as you are already on the Browse Games page. If you went to your Profile, click the controller icon to Browse Games. Mobile people… just go to Browse Games. Or use a desktop computer. Easy!

2 B. Do a quick search for House Flipper 2 and click the game image that appears. Unfortunately, you cannot Favorite a game such as House Flipper 2 or any other game on — only specific mods.

Back to the Regularly Scheduled Programming for All Users:

3. You are looking at the House Flipper 2 mods page, with some filters on the left and a bunch of player-modded houses that you can obtain access to.

4. When you find one you wish to know more about, simply click the picture shown for the mod to get its description and other information.

5. If you wish to obtain the mod, click the Subscribe button to download the house.

6. In-Game users of will see the mod appear immediately in their Mods category in-game; see the notice at the top of this section if it does not. Browser / mobile browser users will need to completely shut down House Flipper 2 and relaunch it before the mods will be seen in the Mods section in-game.

7. Alternatively, if your game is not showing your mods even after closing down House Flipper 2 and restarting it, you can manually download the files.

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