House Flipper: Beginners’ Guide & Tips 2022 (DLC Included)

This is a beginner guide for House Flipper. It contains beginner steps, tips, tricks, descriptions, secrets, and so on. Everything to know about the game and its DLCs (Luxury Flipper DLC, HGTV FLipper DLC, Garden Flipper DLC, Apocalypse Flipper DLC, Cyberpunk Flipper DLC) and upcoming DLCs ( Pets DLC, Farm Flipper DLC).




House Flipper is a simulation game. Gameplay involves fixing up properties to create a profit. Tasks that you do include painting, laying down tiles, cleaning, installations, and demolition. Players can fix and personalize their own homes, fix houses in quests, and buy houses to fix and sell. You basically become a one-man renovation crew. You buy, repair, and remodel houses and sell them to earn money, with which you can buy more expensive houses and sell them to earn even more profit and create yourself a dream home.

PAYABLE DLCs – Garden Flipper, Luxury Flipper, HGTV Flipper
FREE DLCs – Cyberpunk Flipper, Apocalypse Flipper

UPDATED: 25/04/2022


Connected to the Cyberpunk game which gives the game a more futuristic look, houses, and furniture.
Cyberpunk Flipper DLC is an add-on to the game House Flipper. It features a single apartment in the Cyberpunk 2077 style.
Released in 2020 it is free of charge
Houses included with Cyberpunk DLC
Hacker Loft
DLC Information
The future of Neo-Tokyo is painted in multicolored neon lights that you can view from your new apartment, which was once a hacker’s research center.
It’s time to refresh the old school look of this place and breathe more cybernetic spirit into it, and that’s all at House Flipper!

– brand new apartment with unique environment,
– transhumanist hand skin,
– over 60 cyberpunk style items.



Apocalypse Flipper DLC is an add-on to the game House Flipper. It features houses with fallout shelters, and new items, such as weapons and rations. In a 2019 update of the DLC a flamethrower was added.
Relased in 2018 it was the first DLC to be added to House Flipper and is free of charge.
Houses included with Apocalypse Flipper
With the exception of Samarta Myers house, all other houses in Apocalypse Flipper have underground bunkers and have a different selection of buyers who bid to buy the property when it is put up for auction.
Garage with bunker
Old house with bunker
Uncle’s Bunker
Samarta Myers’ House
New buyers in Apocalypse Flipper

Buyers in Apocalypse Flipper are only intersted in the changes made to the bunker of the property.
Ted Arrown
Maria Kolkowsky



PRICE: 8,19€

You get additional 10 houses to renovate in this DLC, and a new place called Sunset Bay. You are also introduced to 2 new people aka your hosts on the ”TV” in the game: a woman named Greta and a man named Oliver. You get to choose between Greta’s and Oliver’s opinions in each house around 1-3 times. They both give you some advice and you have to pick 1 and complete the job as they suggested you to.


PRICE: 12,49€

Garden Flipper DLC allows you to not only change the inside of the house but to change the outside of the house as well. From deleting bushes to cutting down trees, mowing the lawn, making ponds, creating a garden to even building a pool, and so on. When you finish creating your garden you can also apply it in a competition to get a good rating and with that get up to 50% higher payment after selling the house. Of course, you get 3 new houses, 600 unique items, more than 250 plants, and 8 brand-new mechanics.



PRICE: 12,49€

With Luxury Flipper you get 12 new jobs (11 houses and 1 yacht). The name basically already tells you what it’s all about. It’s about… RICH people in need of renovation for their big rich-looking houses. You meet 12 new people who have their own requests for the renovation which you have to follow. They give you a few options, and you can choose what you like most but still connected with their taste. Houses are much bigger than the ones from the basic gameplay which takes more time to do. But then again.. you get paid well.



1. Pets DLC – price currently unknown
Pets DLC is supposedly getting released on May 12, 2022. In the DLC you are able to adopt different pets (cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, turtles, and even lizards), which you feed and take care of. There are also some new mechanics in the game, such as painting ceilings and creating an attic and additional 700 new items. I don’t know how many new houses/ properties you get in the DLC but I might write an update on that.

2. Farm DLC – price currently unknown
Farming DLC is exactly what the name already tells you it is. The release date of the DLC is still unknown but it’s supposedly coming out at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. There is not that much known about the DLC except the fact that you become a farmer. There are also some new additions to the game such as house expansion (you can build additional rooms in/next to the house not just move walls), fixing roofs, and overall just …farming, owning farm animals, and planting fruits and veggies.


Order Your Jobs

Ignore what the game tells you to do first and instead complete jobs in this order to have the least hassle.

– Pick up Trash
– Remove/Sell Objects
– Clean
– Modify Walls
– Plaster Walls
– Paint/Tile/Carpet
– Mount Devices
– Place furniture

Check Your Mini-Map

Can’t find that pesky device that needs mounting? Well good news, it’s red on your mini-map which can save you a lot of time in hunting it down. Things you’ve already mounted appear in green. Trash also displays on your map as black grey objects and if you’ve upgraded your cleaning perks the dirt will show up as black splotches. Walls that need to be knocked down will also be marked as red on the map. Using your map to locate these objectives in both Email Jobs and House Flipping can make the time it takes to clear these objectives much faster.

Use Your Perks

Use your Perks as soon as you earn them. Anything that makes you more efficient will help you unlock more perks quicker so there’s little point holding on to them for extended periods of time. Definitely grab the ‘penetrating vision’ perk to see all the dirt in the mini-map and the ‘You won’t waste paint on an already painted wall’ to make yourself more efficient and be able to go back and check which space on the wall was left unpainted.If you’re not sure what to upgrade first, check out our Things to do First Page.

Sell Unused Paint and Tiles

Use your sell tools to sell the paint buckets and leftover tiles. This won’t be available in all modes if the sell tool can’t be brought up but you’ll get a decent amount of your money back for doing this when you can.

Renovate With a Buyer In Mind

If you haven’t unlocked them yourself yet, have a look at our Buyer Profiles to get an idea of what different buyers are looking for. Renovating to these briefs will net you the most money and help give you some direction if you’re not too sure what to do with a house. The happier your buyer is the more money you get.

Always Check for Hidden Rooms

In certain houses that you buy to renovate there are hidden rooms that have usually paintings inside that are worth a fortune. So keep a close eye on the mini-map to see if any room is completely closed off with no door/exit because it might be hiding something.

GLOBAL ACHIEVEMENTS – basic, apocalypse

Like every other game on steam, House Flipper has achievements as well. You can complete all the achievements only if you buy all the DLCs because some of them are impossible to complete without the DLCs.
There are 61 achievements in the game ( 11 from the luxury flipper, 12 from the garden flipper, 11 from the HGTV flipper, 3 from the apocalypse flipper, and 24 from the basic gameplay).
They are very easy to complete but here is how to complete each and every one:

“Finish first order.”
This one is pretty self-explanatory. You only need to finish your finish order.

“Fully complete every order”
Earned by having every order at 100%. May redo orders to achieve this.

“Complete order below 1min”[/b]
Easily earned by quickly doing the first task – “ex-boyfriend” one. Don’t fully complete the order, just complete when it’s possible.

“Sell 10 houses”
Buy and sell 10 houses. Technically you don’t have to renovate them for this achievement.

“Sell 20 houses”
Buy and sell 20 houses. As above, you don’t have to renovate them for this achievement.

“Sell 50 houses.”
When it comes to selling houses, remember that you can sell the houses in the same states you found them in. There is no need to renovate them for this achievement. If you want to speed up the process a little more, you can press “Esc” during a sale to speed up the procedure.

“Negotiate for at least 50, 000 euro and win.”
Note: you cannot earn this achievement if you do not have your currency set to “Euros”. This can be done from the in-game Settings > General section at any time.
In order to earn this achievement, you will first want to get the Price Negotiator perk. The “Alone Home” house is an easy target for this achievement. Depending on your skill levels, the amount of work you will have to put in will differ.
For some, simply cleaning the house is enough to raise the asking price by €50,000. For others, cleaning the house and adding in some high quality furniture does the trick.

“What happens in the caves stays in the cave.”
Sell a house to Rafael Erko. An easy way to earn this achievement is to sell the “Home Admin-Legends” house to Erko.

“Mind over matter. Money over all.”
Sell a house to Dolan Trusk. An easy way to earn this achievement is to sell the “House that is hiding something.” Remover the secret within the house before selling it.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”
Sell a house to Gorgio Shanua. An easy way to earn this achievement is to sell the “Burned House.” Clean the house, sell most of the furniture, remove the kitchen, buy a double bed and a 2x linen closet. After that, you should be able to sell the home to Shanua.

“I’m not a nerd. I’m just smarter than you.”
Sell a house to Chang Choi. An easy way to earn this achievement is to sell the “Abandoned House.” Clean the house and remove any trash. Then, remove some of the inner walls so that you can create a more open floor plan. Lastly, decorate a children’s bedroom.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
Sell a house to Veronica Lipston. An easy way to get this achievement is to sell the “Variable Woman’s House.” You will not have to clean the house. Simply fill the rooms with paintings and pictures.

“Bra off, party on!”
Sell a house to Jimmy Traitor. An easy way to get this achievement is to sell the “Home Admin-Legends.” Simply add in a coffee table and turn the kitchen into a personal theater.

“It’s business. Leave your emotions at the door.”
Sell a house to Jack Tarinton. An easy way to earn this achievement is to sell the “Huckster’s House.” Make sure there are two bedrooms, two couches, no expensive furniture and make sure everything is clean.

“Family isn’t just an important thing, it’s everything.”
Sell a house to the Jonson family. An easy way to earn this achievement is to sell the “Unsatisfying effect” house. You will not have to do much. Simply make sure there is either a bed or couch in every room. There should be at least six different sleeping areas in total.

“Live your life and forget the age.”
Sell a house to the Jantart family. An easy way to get this achievement is to sell the “Camping bungalow” home. Clean the house and install some heaters. Next, replace all of the furniture with classic wooden furniture.

“You know when you are in love you can’t fall asleep.. It’s because of… your always noisy child!”
Sell a house to the Smoth family. An easy way to get this achievement is to sell the “Just married house.” You will not need to do anything before selling this home.

“Always be prepared for the unknown.”
Sell a house to Lonewolf37. An easy way to get this achievement is to sell the “Garage with bunker.” You can sell the house without any prep-work.

“Better to prep 10 years too early than 10 minutes too late!”
Sell a house to Maria Kolkowsky. An easy way to earn this achievement is to sell the “Old house with bunker.” You will only have to enter minor negotiations to sell this home. There is no prep-work necessary.

“Remember: when disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.”
Sell a house to Ted Arrown. An easy way to get this achievement is to sell the “Garage with bunker.” All you will need to do is install two turbine power generators and two bunk beds.

“I am the one who knocks.”
Buy the “Huckster’s House” and then knock on the front door with your hammer.

“Kill a cockroach with a hammer.”
This one is pretty self-explanatory. You only need to hit a cockroach with a hammer.

“You’ll need a car mechanic.”
Buy either “Home and car,” Garage with bunker” or “Pink Kingdom.” Each these homes come with cars. Strike one of the cars with your hammer.

“Do you even lift?”
Once again, you need to buy either “Home and car,” Garage with bunker” or “Pink Kingdom.” Next, try to lift up one of the cars.

“Earn the first million euro.”
In order to earn this large sum of money, purchased the “House that is hiding something.” Break down the wall next to the junction box. Loot and sell everything within the secret room. Repeat this process until you have made your money.

“Finish the game.”
In order to finish the game, you will have to sell every house at least a single time.

GLOBAL ACHIEVEMENTS – garden flipper

“Do not forget to take it before it starts raining.”
Bring your laptop out to the garden. Then, press “E” to use the computer.

“It’s time to expand my skills.”
Complete the green mail mission from Eveline Hawes. This is the first mission tied to the Garden Flipper DLC.

Enter the garden contest by selling the connected house and clicking on the “Submit garden for contest” option.

“Feel Shi… Fence Shi… Well, I tried.”
Get five stars in the “Layout” category for one of the garden contests. You can win the contest effortlessly if you buy the house “Garden after house construction” and immediately enter it within the contest.

“Blue flower, red thorns.”
Get five stars within the “Plant section” category of a garden contest.

“Didn’t you forget about a few flowers between this sofa and carousel?”
You will need five stars in the “Equipment” category of a garden contest for this achievement.

“You can’t hide from my mover.”
Use the new tools awarded to you from the Garden Flipper DLC.

“I feel this gardener aura inside of me.”
Achieve all of the newly added skill points.

“Tell the meatatarians my last word is… Carrot…”
Plant over 50 carrots.

“Water time!”
Players are having mixed results with this achievement at the moment. Consequently, you may have to do some experimenting. Try buying all of the ponds and then fill them each with water. Next, stand in one of the ponds as it fills with water. Also, try standing in a fully filled pond.

“It’s time for you, Mr. Mole.”
Remove one of the molehills present on one of the new DLC maps.

“Is the hammer even real?”
Install a “Wooden Pedro Windmill.” Then, strike the sculpture with your hammer.

GLOBAL ACHIEVEMENTS – luxury flipper

“All it takes is a good smack with a hammer”
Earned by ‘fixing’ the yacht wheel (second floor) by hitting it with the hammer

“Take a picture of the city from the Cliff House”
Earned by taking a picture of the city, as stated, from the Cliff House. Best location to earn the achievement seems to be by the pool.

“If we allowed you to do this, the game would crash”
Attempt to sell the ‘decision bubble’ which is used to view the inspirations (the images that help you select what to use to fulfill the job).

“Replace 10 windows”
You need to replace 10 windows

“Finish all jobs in Moonrise Bay”

“The next step is to hire a butler”
Once you finish any of the Luxury DLC Missions you will be given permission to buy the house from that Mission. Simply buy a house from Moonrise Bay, and move your office there to get this Achievement.

“Did someone call a stair specialist?”
Replace/ buy new stairs

“Will you follow your client’s dream?”
In any Mission in Moonrise Bay using the Inspiration board for the first time.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”
In any of the Moonrise bay missions that have refurbishing, refurbish an item that has 5 or more pieces to it. The best level I found for this was “Pitch-Perfect Apartment”.

“Purchase one of the houses from Luxury DLC”
As stated in the description, complete any mission in Moonrise bay and then buy the house from it.

“Now, who’s in for a pool party?”
Simply on the Mission A Job You Can’t Refuse, you are asked to install an Indoor pool. Upon Installing the pool you receive this Achievement.


“Care to do something more with all that’s left?”
Earned by using the entire budget on a job.

“Must have: lots of space”
Earned by tearing down all the walls during one of your jobs.
This does not have to be completed in an HGTV home, It can be done on any property that has been purchased to flip.

“Must have: room for family gatherings”
I earned this by having a dining room table that seated 8. Please let me know if you earned this in another way.

“On the other hand…”
Earned by re-doing an HGTV job and choosing the opposite choices you chose last time.

“Can you hear it?”
Earned by turning on the covered fireplace in the job “Uninvited Guests”.

“Can’t have a leak when there are no pipes!”
Earned by not having any pipes in a house. Possibly earned in an HGTV job where you must bust a wall that has a connecting pipe behind it and sell the pipe instead of attempting to fix it.

“Let’s Do the Time Warp Again”
Earned by opening your portfolio and looking at your before and after photos.

“Now we’re talking”
Obtained by executing any HGTV assignment by selecting the Oliver’s option 3 times in the same house.

“This place could use a woman’s touch”
Obtained by executing any HGTV assignment by selecting the Greta’s option 3 times in the same house.

“I will not click on the map”
Earned by clicking on the house that looks like the Simpsons’ home on the HGTV map.

“Fix them all”
Earned by completing all the jobs available on the HGTV map.

Earned by moving your office to beach front property.

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