House Flipper: Top 5 Ways to Increase Profit

In this guide I share some advice on how to maximize profits when selling homes



Hello! In this guide I’ll share some methods you can use to maximize profits when selling homes. This may not apply to all homes (example- apartments with no yard); however, these should apply in most cases. Do keep in mind you will need the DLC for this game to be able to do gardening.

1. Garden Contest

If you have all the DLC unlocked for House Flipper, the garden contest is the #1 way to get more money out of a property. The game will teach you how to garden through the jobs for the DLC, and then in all houses that you can (everything except apartments pretty much) your goal is to try to meet as many criteria for one of the garden contest categories as you can.

As seen in the final sale page, the added garden value adds up significantly. In my example photo, I did go a bit overboard on making the flowerbeds for the purpose of having the house look more attractive for the guide, but in most cases you can get away with much less and still meet all the criteria. It is a lot of trial and error with different styles, but remember, if you don’t like your first results, you can edit your garden and re-enter the contest after 10 minutes have passed. In this contest, I waited the 10 minutes to change from American to English to see if I would get a better score on my design.

2. Saunas

The next way to increase profits is by adding a sauna to the home. There are several buyers who highly value saunas, and are willing to pay more to get what they want. When creating a sauna, you have two options:

This type of sauna featured above is where you edit or create an entire room of the house to be the sauna, and you can find the furniture you need simply by searching “sauna” in the store. You can also add wooden wall panels and flooring/ceiling to create the traditional sauna space.

If you don’t feel like taking the time to make a large sauna, there is the second option pictured below:

This type is a shower/sauna combo that can be bought and installed in a bathroom, and does not require a shower installation hookup to place. It’s very easy and convenient, and still counts as a sauna to the interested buyers.

3. Storage

The third way to maximize profits is by adding storage to the house throughout various rooms. A lot of buyers want space for books, documents, etc.

Pictured above is an example of an office with large filing cabinets.

In this image we see some garage shelves, which are cheap and great to add to spaces.

4. Decorations

Fourth in this guide is adding decorations. Decorations can be many things- plants, rugs, art, sculptures, even tasteful accessories. Buyers look for a lot of these things, especially rugs and art.

In the above image, we’ve got a variety of all the mentioned decorations just in one room alone.

Again, more than one type of decoration in this section of the room.

You don’t need to go overboard unless you want the art crazy buyer specifically, but generally adding at least a few photos and a plant or two will do nicely.

5. Cleaning

While this could be stating the obvious, cleaning is actually very important to raising the property’s value. Once you start leveling up skill points by playing through the jobs, you will eventually be able to see all dirt on the minimap in the upper right corner, which is extremely useful as some dirt can hide or be barely visible.

You can see in the minimap in the above image quite a large amount of dirt (the black spots). When you clean, you will see green arrows going up next to buyers’ names to indicate they approve and that the cleaning makes the house more desirable to them.

Cleaning does’t just include dirt, but also junk/trash/debris items.

Above is the before image, and below is the after:

Besides the previously mentioned things, make sure to check windows if they need cleaned or replaced as well. Finally, weeds in the yard count as needing pulled/cleaned, and the most efficient way to do this is to mow the lawn rather than pull them all individually.

Honorable Mentions

I have some honorable mentions that while they aren’t necessarily my top 5, are still valuable ways to increase profits and should be considered.

First honorable mention goes to adding extra bedrooms or bathrooms. The buyers with large families look specifically for the number of rooms, and while you don’t have to decorate as extravagantly as I did, you need to at least include a bed in the room for it to count; for bathrooms, you must include a toilet, sink, and a bathtub OR shower (both is fine as well!).

The next honorable mention goes to creating specialized rooms. What I mean by that can include rooms such as gyms:

And also indoor pools:

There are more types of rooms that can be created as well, but these are the two that come to mind first and are fairly easy to include. You may find yourself needing to experiment with certain items in these rooms to get them to count- for example, in the gym, I had to place 3 sets of the wall bars for it to register as a “gym.”

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