Hunt and Snare: All mark location in Kizan [Updated to R31]

Here is all the marks location that i found in Kizan, hope it will be useful.


Map of Kizan


Kizan is the second Island you will visit after you finished your quest: repairing your ship in Skiia. Kizan is a small, beautiful island located below the sea level has an entire ecosystem underneath that will surprise you and this is a home of Lizard (or Dragon tribe).

Map of Kizan:


Lone Rise

Lone Rise is the first area you set foot on when you arrive on the island. There is a small bar name “Dacing Ferns” where you can buy some ammo and sleep at night, next to bar has a small store name “Tropic Supply” where you can buy or selling your stuff.

There are 2 marks located on Lone Rise:
– Fisher’s Hut:
Talk to the fisherman, he tells you a bit about the past of Selis (the old captain of the Unnamed)

– Old light house:
Here you will have a FULL view of Kizan

Kizan at night and in the morning, hope you will enjoy the view


From Lone Rise get down the Ramp, to the jungle. You will arrive ‘Fulsome’

In ‘Fulsome’ you will find out:
 A camp.
– Swamp Hut. (An old village on Kizan).

Great Uncommons

Moving deep in the jungle you will arrive Great Uncommons, this is like the thick birch forests of Skiia, but with fallen branches with purple leaves. Here you will find out:

– Shrine of the All – Mother:

There are 3 chests hidden around the shrine: one in the front, one in the back and one secret chest.
This secret chest contain high value items, the total value of the chest can be from 1k – 5k gold even more on the market depend on your luck.
>>>> Chest location: HERE

– A camp:
When you reach the end of the Great Uncommons there is camp near

Ashens and South Kizan

Head to south of Kizan near Great Uncommons forest, you will find out a small lizard’s tribe live there here. There are some cool marks that i found around the tribe:

– Dewseed village

Advice: There is local trader in the village where you able to buy some local dress(clothes). I recommend you buying the Glowing dye and save them for future till the dye mechanism release.

– Lizard chest

A huge mystery Lizard chest. So far the only way i know to unlock the chest is to find at least 4 curious keys to unlock and no one has successful in it. let me know what you find in it. ^_^

– 2 Camps: one next to Dewseed village and one under the mountain near Ashens.
– Ruins
– Shaham’s Hut

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