Hunt and Snare: All Treasure Locations

Maps of islands with markings of all loot chest.



Hello everyone. This guide will provide you the info about locations of treasure chests that are scattered all around the world. I’ve ran all of the current islands and manually marked all that I’ve found. Click on the pics for a closer look. The red dots are treasure chests and jewel cases. If I missed anything, please tell me and I will update the maps.


This is the biggest island and also it has the most treasure chests. Some of them are may be hidden in the grass and tricky to notice. As an option, you can go to graphic settings and disable “Vegetation Density” to look out better.
Some of the chests can be found inside small caves, so look around.


This “island” has a unique treasure, called “Lizard Chest” that requires four keys to open. Three of them are scattered around the island inside other chests. The fourth one is only can be bought from the trader at Lone Rise.
One of the trickiest chests is located on top of the bosom of the big statue in Great Uncommons.


Pretty much all chests are easy to find. Some ot them may be located inside of tents.

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