Ib: All “True Exhibit” Works List

Here are a list of the “True Exhibit” Works, for you to reference. As some of the lists have changed since the 2012 original 🙂



You have the ability to have the following characters as patrons of the True Exhibit:
-Ib’s Mother (Memory’s Crannies)
-Ib’s Father (Forgotten Portrait)
-Garry (Promise of Reunion)
-Mary (Together, Forever)

These are gained with the endings I put in parentheses with each name.


The first thing you will see when you walk, is the desk. If you walk down there is a small area where Three pieces can go. Two represent endings, and one represents the “True Exhibit” achievement.

Names of the works:
-Together, Forever
-Promise of Reunion
-The Works of Guertena

The first two are unlocked by completing the titular endings to the pieces. “The Works of Guertena” is unlocked once all 150 pieces are unlocked.

Guertena Exhibition

This section is based on the Museum Ib and her parents initially visit in the game. There are 26 of them.
-Isolation at Water’s Edge
-Eternal Sleep
-Serpentine Spirit
-Horizon View
-Glass of Antipodes
-A Well-Meaning Hell
-The Sky Seen From a Hill
-Selfless Guard
-Nature-Morte On Table
-The Hanged Man
-Lady Taking the Newspaper
-Spectacle of Century’s End
-Your Dark Figure
-Misshapen Diamond
-Bitter Fruit
-Reserved Seat
-Death of the Individual
-Abyss of the Deep
-Taste-Cleansing Tree
-Embodiment of Spirit
-The Lady in Red
-Couplet Towers
-The Coughing Man

Blue Area

There is only one work for the Blue Area:
-The Geometric Fish

Also visible:
-The red/blue contrasting paintings
-The painting of the lady with the key

Green Area

There are 5 works in the Green Area:
-Chapter 1
-Chapter 2
-Last Chapter

Also visible:
-The spider painting
-The butterfly painting
-The bee painting
-The ladybug painting
-The ant painting

The ant is also wandering in this room!

Yellow Area

The Yellow Area has 10 Guertena Works:
-A Chef’s Talent
-Unbalanced Box
-Clockwork plant
-Red Liar
-White Liar
-Blue Liar
-Green Liar
-Yellow Liar
-Brown Truth-teller
-Hide & Seek banner

Also visible:
-Sinister banner of Ib
-No music banner
-Monster banner
-Red hand banner
-Nude banner
-Moon banner
-The Mouth
-Tongue Wiggling painting
-Stone statues
-Marble mannequins
-Guillotine images
-Hanged dolls
-Fish Key
-Sprout Key

The Step-stool is wandering around the room as well!

Red Area

The Red Area has 13 works in the True Exhibit:
-Forsaken Shelter Under Cloth
-Living Mountain
-Peacock Pattern
-The Lady in Blue
-Abstract Art
-Eternal Blessing
-Soul-Sapping Throng
-Heart Wounds
-Smoking Aristocrat

*Note: Soul-Sapping Throng is gained via a secret passageway after seeing “Breath” in the gameplay, but before the next door (The room where you first encounter the Lady in Red).

Grey Area

The Grey Area in the True Exhibit has 17 works:
-Gaurdian of Time
-The Scent-Sensitive Porcupuss
-Noble Boasting of Gold
-Red-Clothed Step
-The Lady Gazing at Emptiness
-Wine Sofa
-Blessed Groom
-Blessed Bride
-Grieving Bride
-Grieving Groom
-Bride’s Left Hand
-Bride’s Right Hand
-Lady Reading the Newspaper

Also visible:
-The Lady in Green
-The Lady in Yellow
-Mannequin heads
-Eyes in the Floor
-The Teapots/Teacups
-Eyedrops painting on Easel with stool
-Fish Lantern
-Gold Elephant with lantern
-Eyedrops painting
-Flower Eating Painting
-Mannequin Head paintings
-Painting of Ib’s Parents
-Paintings of ice, snake, coffee & cake, and Scenery

Violet Area

The Violet Area of the True Exhibit has 16 works:
-Marvelous Night
-Strained Ear
-The Force of Quarrel
-Fishing Hook
-Fleeting Thoughts on a Moonlit Night
-Milk Puzzle
-Heart in Custody
-Two of One Flesh: A Work in Combination
-Red Eyes (Rabbit)
-Red Eyes (Doll)
-Flowers of Jealousy
-Broken/bloody Blue Doll

Also Visible:
-The shapes from the maze
-The paint balls
-The artist’s palate
-Various vines
-Jumbo blue dolls
-Hanged blue dolls
-Rabbit Ornaments
-Crescent Moon puzzle piece
-Clover puzzle piece

Note: The Broken/Bloody doll is only included once you have Garry kick it in gameplay.

Brown Area

The Brown Area has 17 works in the True Exhibit:
-Guardian of the Door
-The Gleam of Ores and Stars
-Bashful Glance
-Heavenly Thread
-Skin and Squama
-Dried up Helical Lifeforms
-Two of One Flesh: A Work in Combination
-Lady With Her Umbrella
-Lady Without Her Umbrella
-Fallen Star

Also Visible:
-Canvas with rainbow
-Stool with floating palate and brush
-Rainbow bridge

*Note: “Bashful Glance” only appears once you read about it in the Cyan Area.

Orange Area

In the Orange Area of the True Exhibit there are 23 works:
-Imprisoned Flame
-Stubborn Twins
-Queen of High Society
-Teeming Night Sky (nighttime)
-Beyond Halcyon Skies (daytime)
-A Place Out of Reach
-Light Within the Canvas
-A Spectacle of Blood
-Malice’s True Form
-Prelude to Wine
-Hard-to-Wake Man (daytime)
-Night-Owl Man (nighttime)
-Dwelling for Little Ones
-Freshly Poured Tea
-Shark’s Head
-Reading in Progress
-Red Spheres
-Truant Seconds Hand
-Deja Vu
-Concealed Secret
-Stirred Up
-White Ant

Also visible:
-Accompanying images with “Queen of High Society”
-Ladybug specimen
-Bee specimen
-Spider specimen
-Blue butterfly
-Green butterfly
-Silver butterfly

*Note: “Malice’s True Form” and “Prelude to Wine” MUST be looked at before exiting the dark room.

**Second Note: Some of these are only available during the day and some only available at night. I have put those in parentheses for ease. Be sure to get those before changing the time in your play-through!

Cyan Area/Abyssal Space

This area is known by both of these names, so I have included both in the title to lessen confusion. The Cyan Area/Abyssal Space Area has 18 works:
-Flexible Stone
-Circular Woman
-Five Hours Earlier
-Five Hours Later
-Drinking In the Night
-Violent Colors
-Tryst After Death
-Place of Warmth
-The Beauty of Blanc
-Incomplete Youth
-Sleepless Dead
-Flowers Without Color
-Cycloptic Smile: A Study
-Pistol Painting
-Jellyfish Painting
-Three Eyes Painting
-Paintbrush Painting

Also visible:
-Person from “5 hours earlier/later” minigame
-Croquis book/figures
-Jewel Box
-Crow figurine
-Dancer figurine
-Fish figurine
-Arrows figurine
-Rainbow bird

??? Area *Major spoilers*

This area has a white door in the True Exhibit. However, it is labelled as the “??? Area”.
The ??? Area has 4 works:

-Final Stage
-The Forgotten Portrait
-Fabricated World

*Note: This entire room cannot be entered until the “Final Stage” Piece is seen in game.

“Final Stage” is seen at the end of the bonus dungeons (Cyan/Abyssal Space, Orange, etc).

“The Forgotten Portrait” is gained when you have the Forgotten Portrait ending.

“Mary” is gained when you read the nameplate after burning the canvas.

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