Icarus Beta: All Caves Guide

Here is a guide on how to find all caves in Icarus Beta.

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Cave Map

Cave Mechanics:

  • Caves are not a guaranteed spawn, even the same prospect can change their state
  • Caves can spawn exposed (open), blocked by rocks (closed), or locked (do not appear)
  • There are two types of caves:
    – Small caves spawn ores
    -Larger tunnel caves lead to unknown areas

How to find Hidden Caves (thanks to DeathEmber!):

  • You can test Cave Entrences using the PickAxe.
  • The PickAxe does not interact with regular world cliffs
  • If you swing your pick at a cave entrance wall you’ll get the distinct ‘♥♥♥♥♥’ noise and a spray of sparks ,indicating there is a cave behind the barrier
  • If stone will breaks away, you have found an active Cave
  • If it continues to ‘clink’, this confirms you’ve found the cave, but it is locked in this prospect

These are upcoming changes to Caves in Beta 2:

  • There were be over 30 caves in the Beta 2 playable area
  • Caves will be less safe
  • They will be a key area you will want to explore. Later on they might not always be safe!
  • Caves will spawn metal ores vs them being out in the open
  • Rock, Oxite and other non-metallic ores should spawn normally

Cave Locations:

  • K11 – Large Cave/tunnel to an unknown area
  • L12 – Small Cave with ores (Iron, Gold, Platinum, Titanium)
  • M11 – Small Cave with ores (Iron, Gold, Platinum, Titanium)

Cave Images:

Closed Cave:
Mining a Closed Cave to explore:
L12 Cave Image:
M11 Cave Image:
K11 Cave Image:
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