Icarus Beta: How to Place Doors, Windows, and More

Quick and simple non-video guide on how to place Doors, Windows & More!


Step 1: Unlock & Craft the necessary tech, I am using Wood but this works with any material.
To start I selected and crafted:
– Wood Beam x 4
– Wood Floor x4
– Wood Wall x 8
– Wood Roof/Ramp x 4
– Wood Door x 1
– Wood Window x 1
– Wood Wall Angled x 4

Step 2: Start your structure, you should have floors place!

Step 3: Select a crafted wall

Step 4: Hold the “R” key to bring up the wall options menu

Step 5: Point to the “Door Frame” option and release “R”

Step 6: Click to place the Door Frame

Step 7: Repeat Steps 4 – 6 but select the Window Frame

Step 8: Select the “Door” and place in the “Door Frame”

Step 9: Select the “Window” and place in the “WindowFrame”

Step 10: Enjoy your shelter! Now you can stay safe from the Storm!

Extra: Trap Doors
Trapdoor Frames are place the same as the Door Frames and Windows, you just need to create a Floor first!

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