Idol Showdown: Virtual Frontier Events & Collection (V1.3.0)

This guide will cover the Event outcomes, the Collection & how to unlock some items.


Quick Intro

Originally i wanted to make this for a friend, but i put a lot of work so i thought i might as well share it. I love the Virtual frontier mode & is pretty much the only thing i play Solo, is a Survival-Roguelike mode that consist on 3 Acts until you reach the Final Boss.
This guide will cover the Collection of items and the Events you can play (up until the 1.3.0 Version).

-Roberu & KFP bug for posterity-


This is a quick list of all Accesories & Snacks found on the VF (as far as the 1.3.0 Version)

Now to unlock most of the items you need to complete certain criteria, be it winning fights, completing some events, winning after using items, etc

Here are the requeriments to unlock the items:

  • Chocolate Kiss: Receive from “Teacher’s Pet” event to unlock.
  • Bibi Replica: Receive from “Devilish Prank” event to unlock.
  • Butterfly Hair Clip: Lose a run 20 times to unlock.
  • Turkey’s Quill: Rest at reine stop 3 times in a single run to unlock.
  • Angelic Halo: Grab an opponent 5 times in a single fight to unlock.
  • Blacksmith’s Hammer: Win a fight after using a single move 30 times to unlock.
  • Coyote’s Chemistry Kit: Receive from “Koyori’s Experiment” event to unlock.
  • K-Cup Breastplate: Win 20 fights to unlock.
  • Pioneer Water: Receive from “Sing-Along” event to unlock.
  • Avocados From Mekisco: Win 15 fights to unlock.
  • Chaos Cheese: Receive from “Play Dice” event to unlock.
  • Kacang Ajaib: Summon Risu’s collab 3 times in a single fight to unlock.
  • Muscle Milk: Win 5 fights to unlock.
  • Tropical Marine: Summon Marine’s collab 3 times in a single fight to unlock.
  • Hope Soda: Defeat the final boss to unlock.
  • Madu Bulan: Defeat an opponent with less than 5 seconds remaining to unlock.
  • Miso Soup: Summon Mio’s collab 3 times in a single fight to unlock.
  • Pedas Manja: Receive from “WOULD YOU DO IT???” event to unlock.
  • Zecret Agent Bazo: Win a fight after using the item “Definitely Not Poison” to unlock.

Page 1
Gladiator Chains
Glove Cloak
Light Armor
Plastic Ball
Baby Bottle
Chocolate Kiss
Chopping Board
Holo Mic
Hour Sword
Marriage Certificate


Page 2
Minute Sword
Pirate’s Hat
Shuba Duck
Suisei Train
Divination Card Deck
Watamelon Helmet
Bibi Replica
Butterfly Hair Clip


Page 3
Circus Instrument Box
Decaying Yubi
Demon Lord’s Umbrella
Golden YAGOO
Hannya Mask
Idol Dress
Orca Mask
Princess Crown
Sacrificial Nousagi
Secret Society Shades
Turkey’s Quill
Zombie Sword


Page 4
Angelic Halo
Atlantis’ Bane
Black Guitar
Blacksmith’s Hammer
Coyote’s Chemistry Kit
Death Scythe
Dragon Amulet
Holo Cards


Page 5
Horse Bike
K-Cup Breastplate
Big Red Heart Locket
Hi-Spec Battery
Peach Blossom Hairpin
Plugin-type Asacoco
Shackles of Darknesss


Page 6
Spider Hotpot
Watoto Shroom
Blue Axolotl
Ame Milk
Fox Burger
Fruity Galaxy
Makai Melon Soda
Papa Pizza
Peko Carrot
Pioneer Water


Page 7
Pokobe Soup
Sakura Shake
Avocados From Mekisco
Chaos Cheese
Definitely Not Poison
Elfriend Tea
Golden Apple
Kacang Ajaib
Mugi Juice
Muscle Milk
Teh Martabat
Tropical Marine


Page 8
Wata Chips
Acerola Juice
Hope Soda
KFP Bucket
Madu Bulan
Miso Soup
Pedas Manja
Tokino Soda
Zecret Agent Bazo
Dark Matter Pancake


Page 9
Dr. Oopsie
Holo Chips
Sandwich Shake
Ui Beam

Events 1

These events are mostly benefitial outcomes for you, they are separated between those who rewards pekos/health mostly, and those who can give you an Accessory or a Snack.


  1. Offer to briefly clean the cabinets =
    Aqua gives you a portion of her pay
    {+50 pekos}.
  2. Clean the entire room with her =
    You became fatigued {−5% health}, but Aqua gives you a big cut of her pay {+100 pekos}.


Impersonation Test

  1. Number 1! “I’m the real Houshou Marine!” = That’s Kanata >> +30 Max Health.
  2. Number 2! “I know you’ll choose me! I’ll trust you!” = That’s Marine! >> +60 pekos.
  3. Number 3! “Ahoooy! I’m the actual one!” =
    That’s Fubuki >> Obtain Fox Burger.
  4. Number 4! “You love senchou, don’t you? It’s me!” = That’s Matsuri >> +100 health.


Little Guy, Big Encounter

  1. Liberate them! =
    −20% of your pekos, obtain+200 Health, a small lawsuit from MAGCORP & the smiles of the little guys.
  2. Sell them! =
    −20% of your health, obtain+200 Pekos & the weight of your sins.
  3. Ignore them =
    You decide it’s not your business and leave.



  1. Walnuts = You suddenly feel sturdier!
    >> Take − damage.
  2. Cashew nuts = Completely rejuvenated!
    >> Regain all your health, deal + damage and take − damage.
  3. Chestnuts = You suddenly feel stronger!
    >> Deal + damage.
  4. Coconuts = Ayunda shakes her head sadly before disappearing.


Smithy Encounter

  1. = Random Accessory A. =
    Kaela produces an exact replica of Accessory A!.
  2. = Random Accessory B. =
    Kaela produces an exact replica of Accessory B!.
  3. = Random Accessory C. =
    Kaela produces an exact replica of Accessory C!.




Teacher’s Pet

  1. Let’s try it!=
    • Success >> Choco-sensei rejoys & gives you Chocolate Kiss & +300 pekos.
    • Failed >> Choco-sensei’s despair causes you serious pain {−30% health}.
  2. Nah…=
    You decline, Choco looks a bit upset, but cheers up and wishes you well.

Some questions…



Seal of Matrimony

  1. Marry Nene =
    Obtain a Marriage Certificate, but costs you the price for love {−1/3 your pekos}.
  2. Marry Nene twice! =
    Obtain 2 Marriage Certificates, but the fee cuts heavily {−1/2 your pekos}.
  3. Marry Nene three times!!!!!!!!!! =
    Obtain 3 Marriage Certificates, but costs you all of your pekos.
  4. Do not marry Nene =
    ): (Nene won’t let you, reconsider).


Devilish Prank

  1. Claim the bag =
    Towa pranks you with a cool hat {Bibi Replica}.
  2. Tell the truth! =
    Towa hands you the burden of +100 pekos.


Birthday Gift

  1. Open it! =
    You happily accept a Rare Accesory (The blue kind).
  2. Leave it alone =
    You go straight to bed, then wake up to find that the gift box has disappeared.


Fox Burger Country

  1. Get a burger! =
    A small sheep arrives with a Fox Burger.
  2. Order a beverage =
    A small sheep arrives with a random soft drink (snack).
  3. I’m not hungry… =
    Decide not to order anything.



  1. (WHiTE) A cute pop song =
    You jam out together, the upbeat tune rejuvenates you. {+10% health}.
  2. (BLaCK) An intense metal song =
    You rock a little too hard {−15% health}, AZKi gives you a Tokino Soda.
  3. (ReD) A slow groovy song =
    You sing a nostalgic tune together, AZKi hands you some Pioneer Water.



  1. Absolutely! =
    A wad of +200 pekos falls into your hands, but you let Ollie hit you for −10% of health.
  2. No way! =
    Ollie gives you a Pedas Manja as a token of gratitude.

Events 2

These events are mostly RNG dependent or neutral for you, there may be more outcomes with Turkey’s Quill equipped that i don’t know about.


  1. Give it a go! =
    • Recording of Noel >> Her calming voice restores +10% of health.
    • Recording of Subaru >> You’re subjected to cursed duck noises {−10% of health}.
  2. Leave it be =
    Decide not to take the risk.



if Rock
if Paper
if Scissors

Results =

  • You won >> Watame rewards you 80 pekos.
  • It’s a tie? >> Watame promises you a rematch some day.
  • _ _ _ >> I believe you lose −50% of your pekos


Officer Subaru

  1. Pay up =
    Plead guilty, after paying −25% of your pekos, Subaru lets you go.
  2. Come up with an alibi =
    • Perfect excuse >> walk away scot-free.
    • Waste her time >> get charged with a heftier fine {−50% of your pekos}.
  3. Run! =
    • Stub your toe >> lose −10% of health.



  1. Press the button =
    • Pull a 1 >> +50 health, that’s good luck!
    • Pull a 2 >> Nothing happens, neutral.
    • Pull a 3 >> SUPER lucky!, you feel stronger {+50 Max Health}.
    • Pull a 4 >> _ _ _
    • Pull a 5 >> −50 health from a bad luck’s curse.
  2. Walk away =
    You ignore the shrine and continue.


Place Your Bets

  1. [🡻 risk] Okayu! =
    Smart choice, +50 pekos
  2. [🡹 risk] Subaru! =
    _ _ _ or Tries her hardest, −100 pekos
  3. [🡹🡹🡹 risk] Choco-sensei! =
    _ _ _ or Finishes in last place, −100 pekos

I believe you can win with Subaru & Choco-sensei, with just enough turkey’s quills (& luck)




  1. Let’s do it! =
    • Friend >> Random Accesory.
    • Laplus >> She leaves Shackles of Darknesss.
    • Nothing crazy happens >> No effect, stream goes accordingly {w/ Turkey’s Quill}.
    • Nobody calls in >> You take serious emotional damage {−20% health}.
  2. Maybe not…=
    Decide against it, maybe another time.


Koyori’s Experiment

  1. Donate one =
    You trade with Koyori, a random snack for 50 pekos.
  2. Donate two =
    You trade with Koyori, 2 random snacks, she compensates you for 200 pekos.
  3. Donate them all! =
    You lose all your snacks, but Koyori compensates you with 400 pekos & a Coyote’s Chemistry Kit.
  4. I’ll pass =
    Koyori wishes you well before returning to her research.


Axolotl Gacha

  1. Try your luck = Pay 1 peko to obtain a random Axolotl (Axolotl or Blue Axolotl).
    • Try again >> Let’s you try again until you hit a Blue variant. (“LET’S GO!”)
    • Give up >> You decide to cut your losses and stop.
  2. Ignore it = You leave the rearing pen alone, there are many tales of people getting adicted to the hunt for a blue axolotl.

Prepare to spend a lot of pekos.


Witch’s Cauldron

  1. Buy a potion =
    You happily pay Shion a 1/3 of your pekos to get a random snack.
  2. Buy two potions =
    You happily pay Shion 1/2 your pekos to get 2 random snacks.
  3. Buy three potions =
    You happily pay Shion all your pekos to get 3 random snacks.
  4. Don’t buy any =
    Shion looks disappointed, but wishes you luck.


Play Dice

  1. Roll the dice! =
    • Roll a 1 >>_ _ _
    • Roll a 2 >> Bae stares contemplatively, then vanishes.
    • Roll a 3 >> Bae nods and leaves you Chaos Cheese.
    • Roll a 4 >> Bae nods approvingly and leaves you Chaos Cheese.
    • Roll a 5 >> Bae claps excitedly and leaves you Chaos Cheese & Golden YAGOO.
    • Roll a 6 >> Jackpot! Bae celebrates, leaving Chaos Cheese, 2 Random Blue Accessories & 100 pekos!!!
  2. No thanks! =
    Politely refuse, Bae walks off disappointed.


It’s That Time of Year

  1. Pay up =
    You submit your annual kouhai tax {−30% pekos}, as thanks, IRyS gives you a Hope Soda.
  2. Attempt tax evasion =
    You get roughed up while attempting to avoid the authorities {−10% health}.

Not sure, but i think this event is locked until you beat the VF first.

Drinking Competition

  1. Take the challenge! =
    • Keep Drinking >> Lose −5% health # times (later changes to 10%), until Lamy hits her limit, then she rewards you with a Yuki-Yo-Zuki bottle.
    • Tap out! >> You give up, Lamy celebrates her victory, then helps you on your way out.
  2. Maybe another day! =
    You decline her challenge and buy her a drink instead {−30% pekos}.

Events 3

These events are those who mostly have bad outcomes, and unlike before, they are separated between those who are REALLY bad for you, and those who are bad, but manageable.

A Snack for the Princess

  1. Give her your current stash =
    You hand over the food you have on hand {lose all your snacks}.
  2. Buy her something new =
    You get her some fancy ice cream but it costs all your pekos.



  1. = Random Accessory A =
    Zeta takes your Accessory A and disappears without a word…
  2. = Random Accessory B =
    Zeta takes your Accessory B and disappears without a word…
  3. = Random Accessory C =
    Zeta takes your Accessory C and disappears without a word…



  1. = Random Accessory A =
    You leave Accessory A behind, watching how it sinks into the lava.
  2. = Random Accessory B =
    You leave Accessory B behind, watching how it sinks into the lava.
  3. = Random Accessory C =
    You leave Accessory C behind, watching how it sinks into the lava.


Unlucky Day

  1. Curse the streamer gods! =
    You swear loudly at them, it takes longer to enable monetization again {🡓 half your pekos}.
  2. Pray to the streamer gods =
    The intensity of your prayer exhausts you {−25% of your health}, but your channel is back in business.




Sanity Check

  1. Read the book =
    • Emerge unharmed >> The elder gods became your ally {AO-chan+ Dr. Oopsie}.
    • Too much to bear >> Accept the embrace of the Old Ones {AO-chan+Dr. Oopsie}, but not unharmed {−30% health}.
  2. Don’t read it =
    Reading is for chumps!.


Hanasaki no Mori

  1. Accept their help =
    They hand you a Peach Blossom Hairpin as a memento.
  2. Go it alone =
    You decide to find a way out, you’re badly hurt by the end {−20% of your health}.


Mental Block

  1. Try to help her =
    You get paid +50 pekos, but also get psychic damage {−20% of your health}.
  2. Run! =
    You sprint away, injuring yourself a bit in the process {−10% of your health}.




  • If you have read so far, thank you for your attention!!

By Bojack Jorgeman

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